Monday, August 17, 2009

...Stumbled across a delightful little blog this morning. I don't know her, but I think I am going to like stalking her every here and there and now and again. She's artsy. I love. The above photo was there. It made me smile. I wanted to share. I hope she doesn't mind. I think we should all have some wicked good yard sales on September 12th. I really do. We could use the money to feed starving babies who don't have moms OR maps, and like, such as the Iraq. Cool, right? I know. Go here to find out how. And if you're not feeling up to having your own yard sale, go through all of your stuff and give it me and I will yard sale on behalf of both of us. And have your neighbors do the same...and your family...and some random strangers...and your dog...kay? We're talking about babies here. Bay-bees. (said with emphasis and feeling) And if you just wanna come help with mine, and bring all of your donations, and enjoy a chilly autumn morning, and feel all "sweet valley high" and awesome would that be? I know, right?