Friday, August 14, 2009

I'll admit it...

I'm stalling.
I'm doing anything (and everything) I can think of
that doesn't involve painting.
I need to blog, right?
It's my duty.
I need to stay in touch with my BFFs.
They need to know what I'm doing down to the minute.
(OR, maybe I just need an excuse to pry
the crusty white paintbrush
from my arthritic, tortured hands
for two seconds!)

So here's an update:
1. The dogs are bored. Like, out of their minds.
This is Bella with "her baby." It's a little stuffed animal that she sucks
on like a bottle. A wee bit disturbing, but mostly cute. She is soooo
proud of her baby, but let's be honest, it's disgusting. It's the equivalent
of a Linus Blanket. It goes anywhere and everywhere she goes.
Needless to say, it gets pretty nasty along the way. The hubs and I were
laughing (and cringing...and dry heaving - but just a little) because she
kept flopping "baby" up into his lap. It was like she was doing him a great
favor by honoring him with the opportunity to hold baby. He kept pushing
it away and she kept flinging it back on him like "No, no. It's okay! I insist!"
She was so confused. It is the most beautiful baby in the world, who in their
right mind would miss out on the opportunity to hold it?
A random story, but hey, I'm stalling. Anything goes.
This is Bubbuh being bored.
2. Kortland's Bedroom has vomited all over the living room.
3. and of course there are going to be
before and after photos!
What do you think has kept me going all this time? (besides
a slew of 80s divas, the King of Pop and a handful of Milk Duds
every hour on the hour?) That's right, the chance to show off
the new room! It won't be ready for a week or so
(details, details, details...)
but I am sooooo excited about this little project that I just finished,
I just had to share a little sneak peak:
The colors wouldn't come out right with the inside lights
and the flash, (for instance the one on the bottom right is
bright, lime green, not avocado) but this is as good as it's
gonna get for now. I painted 6 canvases 6 different colors,
then made a rhino stencil out of card stock and stenciled
a rhino onto each canvas. I can't wait to hang them on Kort's
new, electric white walls!
4. ...and I have accessories!!!! Stay tuned.
5. NOT PICTURED: The hubs just walked through
the door with a Cafe Rio Pork Burrito, which is the equivalent
of a choir of angels singing "Hallelujah!" for this tired little Martha.
I want to jump on him, but I think I'll devour this burrito first.
Word to your mother.

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Andrea, Mrs. said...

I'm totally snickering about the "baby." Dogs can be so funny sometimes.

And--I'm SUPER excited to see the room if you're doing RHINOS in it! Sheesh! Now that's cool!