Thursday, May 28, 2009

Who knew I was living in the midst so much royalty?

The ever so regal Prince Bubbuh:
(lounging in his royal bath)
And the oh so honorable Sheik Kortland:
(enjoying a summer lunch)

...and no, his face isn't dirty. He slipped on his step stool while brushing his teeth and had a major run-in with the bathroom sink (ouch!) Classic Kortland.
Kay, and just to add to all this randomness,
can I share my new favorite excerpt from my current read with you?
(THREE CUPS OF TEA - go get it now...and read it now!)
It's about an amazing "Indiana Jones" type guy who almost dies climbing K2, gets lost, wanders into an impoverished little community in Pakistan, and decides that he is going to help them build a school. It's amazing. Well, while back in the states to work and get more money for his school, he met a wonderful woman at a Gala. That should cover it.
"Six days after whispering to each other in the darkened Fairmont Hotel ballroom, Greg Mortenson and Tara Bishop took their weddings vows. "When the judge got to the part about 'for richer or poorer' Greg and I both laughed out loud," Tara says. "By then I'd seen where he lived at Witold's, and how he took the cushions off the couch each night so he'd have a soft place to put his sleeping bag. I remember thinking two things at the same time: 'I'm marrying a man without a bed. And God I love him."
Stop it right now! I just loved that.
That's exactly how I feel about Kyle. I'm grateful that he's brilliant and that we have a wonderful home and so many great blessings in our lives, but frankly,
I'd sell straw hats on the side of a dirt road in Mexico
as long as I could be with him. I'd follow him anywhere. It's nice to read about other couples who feel the same way. I can read all of the sweet, wonderful things they say, and then *sigh* and think: "I'm so grateful that I have one of those."
I think everyone should have one of those.


Kristina P. said...

I so agree with you! Me too!

Hey, I haven't seen you around much lately. I hope you're planning on coming to my next blog lunch!

Gina said...

Look how adorable you, your son and your dog are! Love the blog, love that we met and love what your all about!
I sent you an invite to my blog as well, just so your not wondering who the random blog permission is from. :)
Keep in touch cute girl!

J said...

ha ha ha! I love that you put that girl in her place! sometimes people just need to be told what a idiot they are being to realize it

this is ash btw signed into jareds gamail