Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the no doubt concert. in salt lake city.

was amazing.
and we didn't have cameras.
we didn't think we could bring them in.
then we found out that we could,
but that we couldn't leave the venue and come back in.
so we couldn't.
really couldn't.
so, no pics of beautiful gwen.
no amazing pics of their amazing set.
no pics of adrianne playing a drum in a tutu
or of the killer "james bond" themed video that played as they sang "xgirlfriend"
and, worst of all,
no pics of darling mr. kingston
(delightfully clad in sound-blocking headphones, comfy jammies, and a binki)
who came on stage and gave all of us the pleasure of singing
"happy birthday" to his cute little self
and then gave everyone an ever so gracious wave of appreciation,
and a beaming, genuine, "binki smile" to boot.
but don't worry.
when we got back to the car,
we totally made up for it.

some of my absolute favorites from the night:
can you even stand how pretty she is? and how cool is it that she can totally get down with making goofy, ugly, hilarious, faces at the camera? ugly is sooo the new pretty, don't you think?
i cannot stop laughing at this one!!! celeste looks like the killer girl from "the ring" and i look like her cross-eyed, hill-billy victim! too delicious. i think i'll frame this one and give it to kyle for christmas...you know, having a picture of your freakin' hot wife on your desk is all the rage.



Celeste said...

AMAZING. I love the whole montage. I loved that whole night. I love the whole you! This just reminds me of how dumb we are for not hanging out more often, because clearly, we are amazing, and owe it to the world to show ourselves together once in a while. In your defense, you are a complete idiot. LOVE

Danielle said...

Dear Lola,
You haven't changed a bit-- love the witty sarcasm/insight that is your blog...this is Danielle from the "little green valley" (monroe). We should talk--it has been way too long and there is so much to say!!!

Ashley Koz said...


Jen Nelson said...

This is me - green with envy


Josh and Emily said...

So jealous!