Monday, May 25, 2009


a sweet, wonderful lady who lived right down the street from me in ferron passed away last week. I was sad to hear about her passing, but thrilled to know that she is finally reunited with her husband after all these years. I just adored her. She was genuinely wonderful in every way. and, since it's memorial day, I thought I'd write a few things about her. I didn't know her like her family did, but I spent many, many hours in her company, and can say in all honesty that she played a very important role in shaping the woman i am today.

1. she was classy. She always dressed to the nines, spoke with kindness and respect, and made anyone who came in contact with her want to be better. She was articulate and wise, and everything a woman should be.
2. she was a smarty. She was highly intelligent and knew the gospel inside and out. (her testimony was out. of. this. world.) I loved listening to her comments in gospel doctrine class. her thoughts were always insightful, heartfelt, and wise.
3. she was proud. (the good kind) She was the proudest grandmother I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. (and for good reason) her grandchildren are exceptional in every way. (which, as we all know, speaks directly to the kind of mother and grandmother she was.) Her children and grandchildren had 4.0 grade point averages, and they excelled in sports, the arts, and pretty much anything they set their minds to accomplishing, and she could. not. have. been. more. proud. of their accomplishments and dedication to achieving their personal best. I sincerely hope that they know that. It was nearly all we ever talked about!
4. she was glamorous. Even on days when she didn't anticipate going anywhere or having any visitors, I would drop in to say hello and find her looking polished and lovely every time. She had a natural grace and poise that I've wanted to emulate from the very first moment i saw her. Her children and grandchildren are very blessed indeed. How could you grow up to be anything less than fabulous with an example like that?
5. she was giving. She was always concerned for the welfare of others. She put family, community, and faith before self at every turn. She volunteered to read to the younger student at Ferron elementary on a weekly, and sometimes daily basis. My mom could always count on her, and so could everyone else. Her word meant something -and i think that is a quality so lacking in this generation. We show up late. We fall short. We shirk our responsibilities. We flake. She never did.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. She was wonderful! I'm grateful that I was blessed to know her. I can't even tell you how many times I awoke to the tongue of her little Shih Tzu (Benji) covering my face with kisses. He was a little escape artist who liked to break out of his backyard, sneak into my house through Sitka's doggie door, and jump into bed with me first thing in the morning. (and oh, how i loved that.) I'd play with him for a few minutes, then get dressed and head over to take him home before she got worried.

I'm grateful to Mr. Benji for bringing us together. Because of him, I was blessed to have many wonderful conversations with my dear friend. Conversations that will not soon be forgotten. I only hope that Kortland will find such wonderful and worthy members of our community to spend time with and learn from.

I will also be spending today remembering, and expressing gratitude for my wonderful Grandpa Headlee. He was a remarkable man. He served his God, his Family, and his Country with everything he had. I miss him terribly, but am so grateful for the many years I had with him, and for his shining example in my life. He was a soldier, as were my Grandfather Bill Blackwell, and my father-in-law James Dugovic. I also have f.i.v.e. (count 'em FIVE) cousins that are serving and have served numerous tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I am so sincerely grateful for the men and women in our country who have put their lives on the line (and the thousands who have lost them altogether) for the blessings of freedom. Here's to you.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! Who was it? Was it Glenda?

Mandy said...

Sorry to hear of the passing of your friend.

Andrea, Mrs. said...

Wow, Laura--THANK YOU for sharing your thoughts about my grandma. I haven't read blogs since she passed, and finding this one was a real treat and blessing.

Just so you know--she loved you too. She told me.