Saturday, May 23, 2009

knees. (you know, the kind that haven't fallen from the sky and been thrust into a fiery inferno)

Some nights, I wait until I am soooo tired (you know, too tired) and then I lay right there in my bed and give a quick, half-hearted prayer and fall deep into sleep.

Yep. I often don't make the effort to get out bed and kneel.
It's clearly not convenient for me.

Besides, what about my life is so bad as to force me
out of the bed,
onto my knees,
and pleading with my Heavenly Father in desperation?

nothing. (obviously) isn't that the biggest reason for why I should be kneeling?

read this
and then tell me whether or not you're ever going
to hmmm hah about getting on your knees again.

Oh, and I'm also going to eat 9 grain cereal
and start taking care of and appreciating the
body God gave me.

I am.

Just you watch.


Jen Nelson said...

Um, wow.

Thank you. Shall we shop for 9 grain cereal together?

Nelson Family said...

Laura you are just wonderful! I love that I can totally see you saying the things that you say on your blog. It is my refreshing bit of Laura to get whenever I need. Love it and you!

Kristen said...

hey you! i've been neglecting your blog lately (all blogs so don't feel bad)... sorry! i love this post.. i read nie nie and i LOVE how she puts everything in perspective! seriously.
so how are you? long time no see! let's get out and play soon! love ya!

Natalie Murray said...

Miss you girlie!!! Thanks for reminding me to check out her blog! She is amazing & I tear up everytime I read her! Love you!