Monday, May 18, 2009

i love to see the temple... or "hey! everybody, it's family night!" (you choose)

picnic at the provo temple

i love the gardens of the temple
he saved two drowning moths from a fountain.
who knew that being a moth hero would be such a hit with the ladies?
and you certainly can't beat that hill.


SO said...

What a great family night!

Kristina P. said...

What a fun picnic idea!

Nisa said...

So beautiful! So are you, Kort, your cute dogs... Yep, just everything. Hope you're doing well!

Mohlman Family said...

That's so funny! On Monday I had the thought it would be fun to take Clara up to see the Temple for family night but instead we roasted smores up Hobble Creek. We should have chosen the Temple and maybe we would have ran into you guys there.

Kristy said...

we have picnics at the provo temple too. We usually grab us some Cafe Rio and just sit on the lawn and relax while Belle runs around!! So much fun. Your boys are adorable!!!