Tuesday, May 19, 2009


lola sits down for some breakfast with the kortmeister...

Q. where's bubbuh? A. laying behind her chair

lola walks in to the bathroom to pull her hair into a pony (so as not to look entirely dishevelled while walking her son to school)

Q. where's bubbuh? A. laying just outside the bathroom door.

lola walks back in to the house after dropping the kortmeister off at school.

Q. where's bubbuh? A. waiting for her at the top of the stairs.

lola sits on the couch and listens to regis and kelly while applying her make up.

Q. where's bubbuh? A. laying on top of her feet.

lola sits at the dining room table (where her beloved laptop is perched) perusing this tasty new blog.

Q. where's bubbuh? A. laying behind her chair. (yes, again.)


Dear whomever adopted bubbuh then proceeded to ignore, neglect, and abuse, and allow him to grow very ill, then dropped him off at the animal shelter because you were too cheap/ghetto/crazy/evil to spend the money necessary to give a very sick dog the medical care he desperately needed,



Hubba's Thoughts said...

Aren't dogs the best!?! I love our dog and our old dog so much! After we lost "B" I missed having his shadow behind me everywhere I went.. Even after he was gone I'd still turn and look back to see if he was behind us.. He was always behind us because he limped a little, but he always managed to keep up.. Now look what you've done!!! I'm crying!! Dogs have such special spirits. Bubbuh is lucky to have you!

SO said...

He is adorable! I love that last picture of him.

Carlie Michelle said...

He couldn't have been luckier to get you for his owner! He is adorable- gotta love the love of a dog! There is nothing quite like it...