Saturday, February 21, 2009

the kind of conversation nightmares are made of

Kortland riding in the van with his cousin:

COUSIN: I have two girlfriends now: Alivia and Lacey.
(me: what?! He's in 1st grade for cryin out flavin! Is this really starting already?)

KORTLAND: That's cool. My first girlfriend says she's in love with someone else now.
(me: what!? what girlfriend!? I'm sorry...come again?!)

COUSIN: Oh. My girlfriends are still in love with me.


LOLA: Who was your girlfriend bud?

KORTLAND: I'm not telling. It's a secret.

LOLA: If I guess who it is, will you tell me?

KORTLAND: (almost positive that I could never guess it in a million years) Yep.

LOLA: Is it _______?

KORTLAND: he he....yes. (mild shock and amused defeat)

Being "mom-helper" twice a week is so money baby! Ain't nothin' gettin' past me!

LOLA: Well who is she in love with now?
(My money is on Zach Efron, that girl is an H.S.M. - N.U.T. Besides, I broke up with my boyfriend in first grade because I was in love with Macgyver...stranger things have happened.)

KORTLAND: I don't know, she won't tell me. (so nonchalant, it's hilarious)

LOLA: Does it make you sad that she's in love with someone else now?

KORTLAND: No. (and it's clear that he really isn't broken up about, at all.)

Isn't this supposed to happen in like, High School or something?! Sure, I got around in kindergarten and first grade. I was a fairly promiscuous 5 year old (never met a game of kissy tag that I didn't like) but I thought I was the exception, not the rule!

I don't like it.
Not one little bit.


Kristina P. said...

He's adorable!

And it was so nice to meet you and Jen today. I'm so sorry I wasn't able to chat more, but you two ran early! You could have taken a picture in my Snuggie!

I am going to try to come down on Friday morning. We will see if I can make it.

Ashley said...

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! Funny little Kortland! Love that he's not even heartbroken over it at all... he's gonna be such a little player ;)

Becca said...

My 1st grader has had a crush on the same boy for over a year and it just makes me laugh. She even made him a special Valentine this year--and there may have been a kiss behind the trailer on the playground--but I'm still getting conflicting stories about that one. And YES, it freaks me out!

And just so you know who I am, I sat across from you at lunch today and really enjoyed your company!

Shauna said...

It was great meeting you at lunch yesterday! Let's do it again sometime!

Kristen said...

um, hello! i don't think gracie would appreciate him looking at anyone at school either! nip that in the bud mommy!!

Barbaloot said...

Fun to meet you on Saturday. I'm hoping I can get to the swap---but I have this pesky thing called a job so it could be hard...

Your son sounds awesome---but I can't blame the girl. Have you seen Zach Efron? He's so dreamy:)

nancy said...

You better keep that cousin away. He sounds like a bad influence.

Janyece said...

I played kissy tag too... Weird! So this is what I have to look forward to with my boys?? I'm in so much trouble!

Carlin P. Jello Miner said...

HaHaHaHa!!! Ah man, I remember those days... Only... I was a strange child and not as good with the ladys as I am now.
Yeah you have alot more of this to come.
HaHa oh those were good days.