Sunday, February 22, 2009

you know, stuff.

Kortlandisms of the Weekend:
KORTLAND: Mom, can I have a drink of water?
LOLA: No bud, we are not gonna keep doing this every night. You had a drink right before I tucked you in and I'm not getting you another one. You need to stop getting out of bed and go to sleep.
KORTLAND: Puleeeeeease!
LOLA: Sorry, you can have all the drinks that you want tomorrow morning.
KORTLAND: But my throat is so dry! It feels dry like, (pauses....thinks about it for a sec) like a really old rock or something.
LOLA: (in the kitchen getting water from the fridge.) I can't very well have him sleeping with a throat as dry as really old rocks now can I?

Getting ready to head out the door to church:
THE HUBS: Babe, have you seen Liza? (the cat)
LOLA: No, I haven't.
KORTLAND: Meeeooooowwww eeeooowwww eeeeeowww eeeeoooowowowowow wow.
THE HUBS: Do you know if she went downstairs?
KORTLAND: Meeeeeoooow eeeowowowo eeeeeeeeoooooow owowowowoowowowow.
LOLA: I'm not sure, I didn't see her go down...
KORTLAND: Meow? Meow. mow mow. meeeow! Guys, she's not down there. I know because I was just speaking cat and she's not down there.

Thanks bud.
Who knew I was raising the Cat Whisperer?
Move over Bindi Irwin.
We're gonna be rich.

I need you all to weigh in on something for me. If I decided that I wanted to keep the adorable, pooping, peeing, crazy little peanut that we gave to Grandpa Jim for his birthday...
would that make me a bad person?

Oh, come on! She's peeking out at me from behind a blue cereal bowl, cocking her head to one side, and giving me "I love you mommy eyes" for cryin' out flavin'!

I understand that these pictures are the photographic equivalent of kittens and rainbows, but you're all just gonna have to bulk up on barf bags and get over it because this is not the last you'll be seeing of lil' Miss Raleigh and her delightful breakfast table antics!


Becca said...

I think I really like you...and him( Kortland)...but the verdict's still out on the dog. Sorry, I'm not a pet person, but even I can admit that he is so cute and those big brown circle eyes are amazing...oh oh verdict's in...I kind of like him too!

Ashley Koz said...

what a sweet lil punkin, i need to come meet her. Kort is freaking hilarious!

Janyece said...

So funny! I love the Kortlandisms! I speak cat too. Kort and I could have great conversations! Xander thinks it's hilarious.

As for your grandpa's birthday present? Cute, but maybe you better re-gift him. Your grandpa would probably really miss him! :)

Jen Nelson said...

I love that kid!

oh, and about the dog... she will live around the corner and yes it would make you a bad person. So give her up and visit her lots :)

Love you!

the Lola Letters said...

Ha ha ha! I know! I'm not really gonna keep her... I just WANT to.