Tuesday, January 13, 2009

tuesday 1.13.2009

7:30 a.m.
Wake Kort up early so he can finish the homework that we forgot
to have him do last night. He was so tired,
and was very, very sweet about getting it done.
(worry not, he looks a bit like he's crying, but he totally wasn't.
just rubbing some sleep from his eyes.)

10:00 a.m.
mommy-helping at kort's school

11:05 a.m.
walk Kort home from school and make him a snack.

11:45 a.m.
go running.
I ran two miles without stopping today!
I am running a 5 k in St. George in 3 days,
and I haven't been training at all, so I'm having a bit
of anxiety about the big day. Wanna know how I
managed to run 2 miles out of nowhere today?
run for a block
feel too tired
I want to quit
legs start to ease into a walk...
my brain yells, no!
break into a full run again
not gonna quit. not gonna quit. not gonna quit.
Get a few more blocks down the road
feel even more tired
my brain says
"You did good enough for your first day"
legs start to slow down
the good, non-quitter part of
my brain yells, no!
repeat this cycle for two miles,
and what do you know,
I did it!
...and I better do it again tomorrow if I think I'm going to
run a 5k with Jen (the pro) on Saturday!
We'll see.

make this:

Sit down at the table with Kyle to enjoy a late breakfast together.
I proceed to flip through my January edition of House Beautiful.
He humors me by acting interested as I ramble on about the lameness of
a particular kitchen that they featured.
this one:

It's not altogether terrible by any means,
but I just think that it's so... blah.
Why is this kitchen being featured in a home magazine?
There's really not anything exceptional about it.
my critiques:
1. Too, too, too, too, too much white, which equals
no depth, no texture, no warmth...
2. The oven hood (though very nice in it's own way)
stands out like a sore thumb because everything else
is white, thus, it has nothing to tie itself to.
3. The light fixtures are so 70's.
Granted, they're clear instead of orange, but still,
the 70's is not an era I am probably ever going to LOVE
when it comes to home decor.
4. Of all the beautiful, warm, rich hues in all the world,
they chose that one for the wood floors? ew.
5. This bar stool is fantastic.
I want an entire set of them for my house.
Love it.
But, it doesn't match or compliment a single element in that kitchen!
Then Kyle and I took a moment to mull over this little gem..

Something about this bedroom makes us think that we'd have
a difficult time sleeping soundly in there.
We.can't.quite.put.our.fingers. on it...
but something about this room just doesn't quite feel...right.
Hmmmm....I wish I could tell you exactly what it was.

take a gigantic nap while the hubs takes KJ shopping for new games
(thanks babe)
I was exhausted!

Wake up from gigantic nap.

Suddenly start driving all over our neighborhood to find the owners of a little lost dog that the hubs found wandering down the street. She's a miniature pinscher and that particular breed can actually freeze to death in even slightly freezy weather, so we felt it was important to find her owners as soon as possible. Unfortunately, no luck. So, we have an extra lil' body in our bed tonight, and tomorrow I'm going to give her a special "homeless animal photo shoot" of her very own and get it up on Craig's list and KSL first thing in the morning. We'll also take her by our vet's office to see if she has a microchip he can scan. Hopefully we'll have her safe and sound at home by tomorrow night.

Meet the cast of "Super" for our post-show after party at the Brick Oven. We never go there, but Kyle and I both really loved the food, and we loved the company even more. Good times. I'm glad the play is over because I have a crazy "rest of the month" ahead of me, but it was a really fun show, and I loved the cast members.

get home
feed dogs
give Kort a take home quiz about whales
put kort to bed

snuggle into bed with the hubs
and the lost doggy
and watch an episode of Psych.

write a blog about my day.

stop writing a blog about my day
hit publish
go to bed.


Janyece said...

Amen to everything you said about the kitchen. And that bedroom? Oh my! Sounds like you had an eventful day!

I wish I was there to run with you! I totally need to start. It's been awhile, but it's always more fun and motivating for me with other people.

Jen Nelson said...

Yay for two miles!! That is awesome! and I am sooo not a pro! I got in 2.4 last night but that was on a treadmill in a very stinky gym and I swear the heat was on!
Hoping to get home tonight before it gets dark to run outside... we shall see...
and a 3 hour nap? officially don't like you.

Scott and Jillian said...

Yay for Psych!

Aubry Macbean said...

Were you in the play or did you just know people in it?

Kristina P. said...

My friend is running in the St. George marathon too. Good luck!

Ashley Koz said...

you animal saver you, luv you. Wish I could have seen your play :( go girl on the 2 miles, you will do awesome on saturday, wish I could be there