Monday, January 12, 2009

tell all tuesday, a third helping.

We're going to switch it up and take it back to age eleven going on twelve this week. I don't think I was quite as sassy at 12 as I was at 14. (I'll let you be the judge of that) I was, however, a bonafide man-eater. You'll see what I mean.

Dear Journal,
I am going to try to keep a journal for a full year, so I'm going to start by my favorite things.
My favorite colors are fushia and teal blue. ***can you all say "early nineties?!" Yep, I was
a Paula Abdul lovin' triple sock and t-shirt jewelry wearing little 6th grader!*** I like pizza
and mashed potatoes. ***some things never change*** I have three brothers. Bryan 13,
Andrew 9, Trevor 7, and I am eleven but my birthday is tomorrow, and I am very excited.
I get to go to Michigan for a present. And I wear glasses so I got new glasses and contact lenses
also. And I also got a new dress. My uncle got married too. I got a new boyfriend today too.
His name is Dusty. I broke up with Adam George a couple days ago. ***as you can see, I was
real broken up about the split*** I like school. Today we picked corn for us at a friend's house.
***yo, Chaston's - holla!*** My very best friend is Lindsey Frehner. She moved to Mesquite
NV. I need to now go to bed. More tomorrow.

Dear Journal,
I am very excited. Today, it is my birthday. I am on a plane RIGHT NOW! We are going to land
in Chicago in about a half an hour. I am very excited to get to Michigan. When we get to my
Grandpa's sometime this week, we get to go to a professional baseball game. Well, more later.

Sorry to leave you with such a cliff hanger, but Lola is entirely exhausted! Spoiler alert: I forget to write during my entire stay in Michigan and drop in to say hello on September 10th. There, that ought to get you through the rest of your week. ;) Tune in next week, where the 11 year old boyfriend body count will sky rocket beyond your wildest imaginings. (maybe. you'll just have to come back and see now won't you?)


Kristina P. said...

Wow, sounds like you really were a maneater! Go 12 year-old you!

Jen Nelson said...

Yawn! Let's get back to the juicy stuff!! ha ha!

Natalie Murray said...

I am totally trying to sabotage you BTW!!! You're my competition remember!!! HAHA!! Just kidding. I love reading your many fun memories from those times!!! Gotta love those boyfriends!!!