Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday 1.12.2009

We did a lot of running around today.
It was wonderful.
We got to visit with friends that we positively adore,
but don't get to see nearly as often as we'd like.
At the end of a long day filled with
several errands and 2 delightful social calls,
I looked in the rear view mirror to find this.
and I melted.
Thank heaven for cameras.
Thank heaven that I will always
be able to look back and
those lips, (like his father's)
those sparkling eyes,
and the beautiful, content, vacant expression that
most always follows in the wake of a day well lived.
The moment left as quickly as it had come.
(right around the time Kort caught me snapping pictures of him)
"Mom! I don't really want pictures right now! Take pictures of yourself!"
fair's fair.

I know I look a bit dramatic/fierce/what have you,
but in my defense,
it was sunny,
and my hair was wispy,
(and not the desired kind of wispy)
I was driving...(shhh... don't tell)
Kort thought that was pretty funny.
We stopped by my friend Kristen's house on our way home,
and when I asked if I could grab a drink of water,
I opened her cupboards to find this.

It made me wish I was 5 years old
and a DeGraff

she was gracious enough to let me snap a picture or two.
Kristen and I sat visiting/laughing/catching up in the living room while the boys played a "Kung Foo Panda" computer game in the basement and Gracie sat quietly on the sofa spooning heaps of peach yogurt into her perfect little mouth.
I didn't set out to have such a pretty day...
it just sort of happened that way.


Jen Nelson said...

You are so photogenic it makes me sick!
Kristen's kids are beyond gorgeous!! I really need to quit my job so I can follow you around all day...
love you! So excited for this weekend! I need to call you soon...

Kristen said...

ahhh, so sweet! why don't we do this more often?!?! i agree with jen, you are way too photogenic! it's really just not fair to the rest of us!