Sunday, January 11, 2009

perfect. sunday.

making cookies

kort's favorite part

my favorite part

this part is pretty good too.
ashley, can you please come home from florida now?
i need an ashley cookie fix. bad.
i use the same recipe and do what you told me to do,
but somehow the cookies know that you're not the
one baking them and they revolt against me.
i'd ask you to mail some,
but i just know it wouldn't be the same as
fresh from the oven with a tall glass of milk
and a great friend to eat them with. i miss you guys.
flour sprinkles on my shoes...
so you can see how very
and messily
i worked.

kort asked if he could please
have a carrot and peel it himself.
i said, "sure."
wonderful, manly, rugged boy time followed.
i think carrot peeling is somewhat related to
whittling, and kort has been genetically predisposed
(on both sides of the family)
to absolutely adore whittling.
what is it with men and whittling?
i think it's for the same reason women love being crafty,
only men need to use knives while they're being crafty,
that way they can still feel super manly and such.
(p.s. do you love how bella is hovering in the background?
ha ha! what a camera hog!)

the dogs wanted carrots too.
i gave bella her carrot first.
look at how sad/jealous/hurt bubbuh looks!
don't worry bubbuh
i have one for you too.
he is such an Eeyore!

dog pile on daddy!

bella is fairly certain of 2 things:
1. she is the size of a yorkie.
2. kyle and kortland have the most
delicious faces she has ever tasted.
it really was a perfect sunday


Nisha said...

You are such a crack up! I think the feet must not have the same effect in picture because they didn't look creepy to me. Maybe I need to look at my feet next to the pic....haha!

Why don't the carrots have the same effect at those delicious looking cookies that I'm totally craving now! Too bad I don't have the energy to bake. boo.

PS Congratulations, you're officially my longest commenter!!! (did you like the note about the Laura Dugovic flava? I thought of your post about comment rejections before I posted that). Lastly, no, I'm not doing pageant. NO ENERGY!!! I thought I could do it, but seriously, I just want to be in my jammies lazy all day for maybe 9 months. Pregnancy is lame! I vote for adoption :)

Ashley Koz said...

what a great post, the 1st pic of Laz and Bella Roo is so cute and funny. Every once and a while when I see a pic of Laz on your blog I well up just a bit thinking about the fate he almost had. It's so great seeing how happy he is to be part of your family, you saved him in every way possible

nancy said...

I always say, "you know when you have become a mom." It is when you look at the beaters after they have cake batter or cookie dough attached and give them BOTH to your kid. That is what I call real sacrifice!

Chris, Carly & Coen!! said...

i'm laughing so hard at the fact that you feel your dog thinks it's the size of a yorkie... i swear so many dogs feel they are just light as a feather!!! i love all the pics!