Saturday, September 27, 2008

tell all tuesday

Lola's old journal entries. (age 12)

Dear Journal,
Today I slept in for quite a while. I had a really weird dream. It's hard to explain, but I'll give some details. First, I was at a friends house and we had decided to go horse back riding so we saddled up the horses and started off. My horse got kind of stubborn and wouldn't let me guide it, and truthfully, I love horses, but I am scared to death when they gallop or run. My friends all love to run their horses, but I get very scared when my friends make their horses go fast while I'm on. But in my dream, I was on a horse by myself and that is not unusual, but my horse was very eager to go fast. Then it started trotting, then galloping, then running, but I wasn't scared! I was happy. I remember I kept calling out "I'm running!" ...But then everything changed and things were sucking my friends up and then turning into intercoms. Weird! Then I woke up. But I have had weirder dreams where things have been twice as crazy. But now, back to civilization. ***civiliztion? Ahhhhh! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I don't THINK I was dropping acid when I was twelve...but it sure sounds like I was!!**** Yesterday I forgot to write in my journal but it was one heck of a day! We had a school dance. I danced with Kade Brown and Alden Forbush. It was really great. I think I'm in love. Well, I also played with Heidi Barney today. Catcha later!
*** I think I'm in love? Wow, 12 is scary.***

Dear Journal,
Boy! Today was very big. I had to get up at 7:30 a.m. to get ready for church. Today was stake conference. I am 12 now so I had to attend the early youth session. Then Stake Conference started. We went into a different room and watched it on a T.V. It was a meeting with so many people that they set up a video camera so other people with no seats left for them could watch it in different rooms. ***I clearly thought that this was VERY interesting/important/noteworthy as this subject got much more verbal recognition than "I danced with Kade Brown and Alden Forbush. I think I'm in LOVE!" *** Later today we worked on helping the earth. (my friend Annie and I, that is) ***Worked on helping the earth? Wow. I was so amazing at twelve... you should all take a page from my book. You'll be better people because of it. Annie and I probably spent hours (or minutes...or at least 45 + seconds) talking about how we were thinking about picking up trash in a couple of weeks, OR how we're gonna turn off the water for most of our toothbrushing sessions, OR how we're gonna flush the toilet only after going number two and all that jazz. I truly believe that we probably, maybe, possbly made a difference. This proposed "Global Warming" they speak of ("they" meaning Al Gore and "Happy Feet") has probably been kept at bay for an additional decade or two thanks to the innovative, selfless efforts of Laura Blackwell and Annie Chaston. You're welcome, humanity. Each and every one of you. Really, you're welcome. It was our pleasure. Just doing our part. No biggie. *** We have a special hideout in some bushes and that's where we thought of ways to help. "King Ralph" is on tonight, but I can't watch it because it's my bedtime so goodnight.
More tomorrow!
***or in 3 days, whichever comes first***

Dear Journal,
Well I've kept my journal for a month even though I should be writing every day, I still at least am writing. I've never done this before and I'm proud of my accomplishment! Today our teachers choose a student for the honor roll. The students were Ashley Johnson and Jared Peterson. I've made a goal to try to make it to be chosen. To try to be in the honor roll. First, you have to get chosen by your teacher, then, if you are chosen you have to have an interview with an adult. If you do the best out of the whole school you are patriot of the month. (I said honor roll, I meant Patriot of the Month) ***FYI: I was never selected by my teacher. Ever. In order to receive a nomination, a child needed to be smart AND well behaved. Well... I was pretty smart but definitely not quiet, reserved, a good listener, or a non-note-passer...therefore, no nomination for me. Oh well, their loss. I would have been a spectacular Patriot of the Month. Someday, when I'm rich and famous, my old teachers are going to regret their decisions. I just know it.*** We also welcomed another Beehive into our class. Her name is Shannon Okerlund. We gave her a surprise party. ***Is it just me, or did Shannon Okerlund ALWAYS get surprise parties? I think I (though now a 28 year old woman) am still totally jealous of all the "surprise parties" that were thrown Shannon's way. Her mom threw a HUGE surprise sleepover party for her every year, AND to add jealousy to jealousy, she was one of "those" kids who had a cool house and a basement chalk full of real arcade games (Ms. Pac man...Donkey Kong...wipe drool, continue writing...) Her parties were always the best. A. great. big. huge. deal. ...and to be fair, she was shy and pretty nice, so I can't hate her too bad...but still. A surprise party for becoming a beehive? Give me a break people! When I became a beehive, they called me up to the front of the class and handed me a pencil that had "Stand for Truth and Righteousness" stamped into it with gold leafing, but Shannon got a full blown party complete with pizza, treats, and a bunch of jealous twelve year olds yelling "SURPRISE" into her bewildered face. (Oh c'mon people, it was like, her 30th surprise party by then, she couldn't possibly still be surprised could she? How could you still not know that was coming?) Okay, I'm fine. Really I'm fine. That's what this is all about. I'm re-examining old wounds and issues and putting them to rest once and for all. I feel much better now. Thanks for listening. *** We also welcomed my best friend in. Her name is Danielle Brown. She's turning twelve tomorrow. It was a really fun day. Hailey Barnson got kicked out of her house by her mom and dad, but they let her back in a few days later. A really rude lady was giving my mom some really bad problems and my mom is sick. She has surgery Friday. My friend Vickie has been keeping a full journal too! ***Yeah, Vickie, where is that Journal? I think NOW would be a good time to start up that blog and hop aboard the tell all tuesday train!*** I also keep forgetting to write to my friends. I have a new boyfriend. His name is Alden. He's cute! He asked me to be his girlfriend right to my face. All of the other boys wrote me a note or sent a friend to ask. Try to write more tomorrow!
p.s. Alden wants me to go to a football game with him

Dear Journal,
My mom is having surgery today at 12:00 p.m. and I'm staying at Andrea Dowell's house for the weekend. I also went to a football game. Our team lost really bad! My boyfriend Alden would not stop following my friend and I all over. He kissed me too. But I think I still love Adam George. I'm so confused! Tomorrow
***Oh Lola, curse you and your fickle, fickle heart!***

Dear Journal,
Today was a horrible day! Awhile ago, I started a club, and after my mom's surgery I had to help her so I couldn't go to meetings. Today my desk wasn't in the clubhouse and when I asked where it was, they said I was kicked out of my own club. I started crying I was so angry. I told my mom what happened and she sent me to Marysvale to be with my cousins and grandparents. I am now in Marysvale with my cousin Jennifer. She is really fun. She told me that Annalee (my cousin) told her that she hates me. But Annalee told me she hates Jennifer! There's something fishy going on?!.
See ya later!!
***I think that poor Annalee got herself caught in the middle of a feud that threatened to span generations -eh Jen? Ha ha! Love. it.***


Jen Nelson said...

I'm pleading the fifth.

the Lola Letters said...

ahh ha ha ha ha ha! as well you should! ;)

...since you're the only one who was totally guilty. I was a very sweet, very innocent victim and everyone knows it.

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