Monday, September 29, 2008

day of carnage

last wednesday was so crazy
kyle and I hit our pillows with a
resounding thud at the end of that puppy
if you don't believe me
here's the photographic evidence.

*flower carnage
Kortland whipped up this delectable batch of
flower soup
just for me.

*Tree Carnage

My studly hunk of man battled our huge,bug infested tree today. (and the tree just about won) The kids who wandered past our house on their way home from school thought they'd died and gone to heaven. Kyle had an audience of 15-20 kids (all boys of course) just minutes after school got out. By the end of it all, he was exhausted

and Kort was thrilled.

*scout carnage

At the end of what had already been a very long day, we had a pizza party for our scout group. I (as the primary chorister) was asked to prep them to sing called to serve in sacrament meeting and I'm not ashamed to say that I bribed 'em! What 11 year old could resist pizza, strawberry cupcakes, and most importantly... X BOX?
They sang like angels.
(or better yet, missionaries!)


soules said...

Oh course you can add me! I actually already ADDED YOU :) to my page ...Love the soup court made for you..he is such a sweet heart

Anonymous said...

OKAAAAAAAAAAAY, It's back and better than ever!

Anonymous said...
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