Friday, October 3, 2008

and the winner is....

listed at the bottom of this post! (insert evil laugh here)
but first...
week in review!


Kort and I enjoyed a long overdue sunday snuggle. We watched a documentary on black holes (special thanks go out to pbs/nova) and had an in-depth discussion about why it is highly unlikely that the planet earth will be pulled into a theoretical death spiral at the center of our galaxy. The documentary then went on to cover the interesting subject of galactic cannibalism, following which, Kort and I had another in-depth discussion where I explained that despite the fact that the andromeda galaxy is barreling towards our milky way galaxy at a rate of 700,000 miles a day (or hour, or something terrifying like that), he has nothing to worry about due to the fact that it will take right around 3 billion years for said galaxies to collide. His little mind was still reeling with all of the gruesome possibilities, so I just concluded by saying "theoretical scientists don't know everything (though they certainly like to make it sound like they do) and Jesus is coming well before those 3 billion years are up." Kort seemed to like that explanation. It seems that Christ's return would be ever so slightly less chaotic than being sucked into a black hole or devoured by one of andromeda's many scorching suns. Still, I think I'd rather have Kort obsessing about black holes and galactic cannibalism than knowing/worrying about the real problems his world is facing right now. It made for a nice discussion. ...and don't misunderstand,
Kort wasn't saying "Mommy, I'm really scared. What if the black hole sucks us in and we die? I can't sleep. I'm worried."
Ha! I wish.
It was more along the lines of "What if we get sucked in the black hole and our bodies stretch until they break apart and blood goes floating around everywhere?" and "What if the gravity smashes earth into million tiny pieces and we're all just floating around in space? That would be a w e----some." So, worry not. No threat of nightmares, no debilitating anxiety, just the morbid curiosity of a five year old boy. I'll probably stick with "living scriptures" next week though...

His hair was really messy from laying down while we watched the show, Kyle thought it necessitated a photo shoot. Kyle is smart like that.

Kort said the words that I have been dreading ever since the first day of kindergarten. No, not "so and so is my girlfriend" (though I DO wake up screaming in the night at the thought of that one too) he said:
"mom, I just want to walk to school by myself"
I was praying those words wouldn't come until 5th or 6th grade!
Ok, let's be reasonable ...3rd?
But c'mon! He's 1 month into the big K
and he's already giving me the boot?!
Oh my aching heart. It was a rough day. And NO, I didn't let him walk all the way to school by himself. (that would be dangerous and irresponsible.) I walked him to the crosswalk, watched him cross safely and walk into the school all by himself, then sat and whined to the crossing guard about how quickly my baby is growing up, cried myself home, got back into bed and pulled the covers over my head. All in all, I think I took it pretty well.
Can't we just go back to the good ol' days where we snuggle on the couch and talk about the ins and outs of galactic cannibalism?


I got my MARTHA on (okay, a bit more like MARTHA'S ghetto, impatient sister who has pretty much never worked with frosting before...but you get the idea) to celebrate Nancy's graduation from her foster care courses. She and her hubs are going to be foster parents! I am so proud of her and the effort she is making to improve the lives of children who need her help. She is such an amazing, giving person and I am so proud that she is my sis. Go nancy!


Laz (aka the bub-miester) got to sleep with Kort, and as you can see, Kort was only mildy thrilled. Bella is a little too hyper to stay in one place for long, but not our Bubbuh. Oh no, he flopped right down on Kort's bed and planted until Kort was out like a light globe. He is such a stinkin good dog. We just love him.


Congratulations to jen nelson! You are the grand prize winner of one very fabulous taos necklace from the Lia Sophia Jewelry company! (not my fault folks, I was too nervous to do it - so I made Kyle draw out the winner...all his fault. Take it up with him.) Thanks so much to everyone who gave their opinions! The turquoise earring/ring set ended up winning by one vote. I liked everything - so I'm definitely happy with the choice!

oh, and jen...come and get it!
(or I will bring it to you - I'll be in Cedar Hills on
Saturday and Sunday to hang out with
my fam during conference)


Kristina P. said...

I don't think I could even win my own drawing, even if I rigged it.

Your little guy is adorable.

Jen Nelson said...

Awesome post! I don't know where to start...

I think you should make Kort watch tele-tubbies to dumb him down a bit. Also, he is too cute for his own good - could you ugly him up a little?

Are you freaking kidding me he is giving you the boot? Serves you right for raising an independent thinker! That might make me cry...

Congrat's Nancy! Love the cupcakes. When I try and channel Martha I get the ghetto sister too. *sigh*

Laz, what can I say - I am in love with Laz.

I won!? Woo-hoo, go me! I'm not sure if it was Grammy's good luck vibes or the $52 I slipped to Kyle Wednesday night. What? I could have just bought one for $52? Dang it! I will call you tomorrow and let you know what time I'll swing by! I have to go play soccer mom at 1pm so I'll probably just come up after that. Eek I'm so excited!!


p.s. officially the longest comment ever!

Ashley said...

I want a "re-draw"! I don't even see my name in that pile! lol jk ;) Congrats Jen! It will look fabulous on YOU! What a cute post. Denali keeps tell me that he wants to be a "bike rider" meaning he would get to ride his bike to school... I told him maybe when he's in Jr. High! haha

Moleff Family! said...

He is such a freakin cute kid! I absolutely love the main picture up top of him!

Ashley Koz said...

Add me to your blog yo

Heather Ryan said...

I'm sorry that Kort wants to walk to school on his own! That's horrible! They grow up way, way too fast!

Chris, Carly & Coen!! said...

i absolutely love reading your blogs... they're hilarious!! oh the grand adventures you have with your little man... haha