Monday, October 6, 2008

holy delicious photoshop batman!

nancy taught me a few simple photoshop techniques today, and I'm pretty sure that I am addicted! It's out of control.
I don't think I'll ever get tired of
jammie tops,
and cowboy boots...

just probably NEVER will.

Beads. Bees? BEADS! beads?
Gob's not on board.

Oh for the love of darling.
This is Kort with his bud.
(We were hauling leaves to the dump in our neighbor's classic Chevy pick-up)


Kristina P. said...

These pictures are amazing!

Celeste said...

k, we need to play, have you not been sucked into the dark world of digital scrapbooking yet? oh goodness, there are so soooo soooo many more tricks for you, girl! (That doesn't necessarily mean I'm the one to teach you, but.... I'd try! I'm still learning so much.)

Jen Nelson said...

I need a new computer so I can get photoshop so I can be as cool as Laura.

nancy said...

Wowza, wowza.....I am happy you are showing off your mad SKILLS!! You go girl. Just wait til you learn more. If you have so much fun with 1 lesson, just you wait, your whole world will look different (litterally and photoshoppy)!! I know spelling spelling, but you know.

Heather Ryan said...

Can we please, please, please get together so you can help me with my Christmas card? You are awesome!