Thursday, November 20, 2008

A month of thanks: DAY 20

I'm thankful... (in no particular order)
for him.

and them.

for him.

and him again.(and again, and again)

for my marriage

and my nephews

for good friends...many of whom are not pictured here.

for my mom (the

for him. (brother)

for her. (BFF, Baby-eater)

For him (another brother)

Yes, my family is incredible: good-looking, classy... a fun bunch (to say the least)

Them... and their delicious offspring. (not pictured)

for him (and him)
The End


Ashley Koz said...

holy blond hair

Anonymous said...

WOW. Could I look any fatter and unkempt in the group photo? HAHAHA!
I'm thankful for you too lovey!!!!
I'll be even more thankful when I marry a rich man/win the lottery/inherit a large sum of money and can spend my days having lunch with you.

Jen Nelson said...

You do have the classiest looking family. Although Leif has been trying to sport a handle bar mustache for big events (family pictures, Breeanna's high school play) so he is giving Drew and Trev a run for their $$