Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A month of thanks: DAY 18

I'm thankful...

1...for quiet times, and gentle dogs that love their boy.

2...for playtime. My sweet, social little invalid has been suffering from a bit of "Cabin fever" over the past couple of days. It was wonderful to see his face light up when I told him we could go to the park for a little while. He loved playing fetch with the dogs and climbing all over the playground he's been missing.
3...for a husband who doesn't mind a kitchen that looked like this all day. He knew that I was very busy with more important things such as:
napping and making candy and helping Kort with homework and...oh, I guess that's it. Where did today go?
(Not to doing dishes, but you've probably gathered as much...)
4...for these. Martha Stewart, eat your heart out! (K, I went a little bit overboard with the sugar, but give 'em a shake or two and they're jeeeeust right!) I'll do better next time. (Oh, and believe you me, there WILL be a next time... and a time after that...and a time after that...)

5...for amazing women who gave me a ton of amazing "righteous tradition" ideas tonight at Enrichment Meeting. I had such a great time and I love the wonderful women in my life! I will have to post their ideas on here when I get a chance.


Jen Nelson said...

It's official... I'm quiting my job and coming to hang out with you all day long.


Jen Bird said...

Those are good things to be thankful for! :) I love that you do that all the time. I just barely wrote 5 things I love, but I should write it more often. I'm glad you said hi, I should have figured you had a blog!! You're so cute and crafty!

Aubry and Brian Macbean Family said...

Can I just say you are becoming quite the Photographer. I need you to show me how you do your heading pictures. I have not quite figured it out. Glad to see someone getting thier bake on.