Thursday, November 20, 2008

You got the right

Where do I even start? I guess I could simply start by saying:
Dreams really do come true, people.
They really do.
and here's PROOF.
I think that Jen said it best when she said:
"My inner third grader can officially die happy!"
We ate at "Paradise Bakery & Cafe" in AF before heading up. It was Deeelicious, and Natasha favored us with a very special, one-time reading about the very special feelings she had for NKOTB when she was in 3rd grade! In a word...awesome.
My inner 13 year old began to emerge while we waited in the car for the concert doors to open.
It took MORE than a few takes to get this shot, and we had to re-enact it for every body's different cameras. Let's just say that our tickets were a bit lip-glossy by the time we headed into the concert. The ticket-takers probably thought we were psycho!
Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to present to you: MY NOSTRILS
(You're Welcome)
Look at the New Kids CRAZE in Jeni-poo's eyes.
I have the crazed 13-year-old thing d.o.w.n.

I heart these girls.
Some highlights and random facts (if you will):
1. Um, hello, did I mention that Lady Gaga and Natasha Bedingfield opened for NKOTB? Yeah, it was so amazing! Lady Gaga was super fun to watch and dance to and Miss Bedingfield can sing like nobody's business. She is just as good live as she is in the studio (probably even better).
2. NKOTB singing their old stuff... phenomenal.
3. NKOTB singing their new stuff... pretty fun too.
4. Jordan Knight singing with his shirt open and blowing in some major, fan-generated wind... I threw up a little in my mouth.
5. NKOTB had/has way too many slow, ballad-y songs. I'm there to dance like a 4th grader people, not to fall in love with old school boy-banders!
6. I actually can't remember which NKOTB-er I was most in love with when I was little.
7. I'm fairly embarrassed to admit that I developed a post-concert crush on (drumroll please...) Donnie. (of all people) Seriously, he had some pretty awesome "bad-boy" vibes goin' on. ;)
8. There were some seriously AMAZING 80's get-ups at the concert...we totally should have dressed up. TOO FUN.


Kristen said...

ok.. totally jealous! not for nkotb, but for nb! i am soo in love with her (sorry but i find it kinda funny how SHE's opening for THEM)! i'm soo happy you had a fun time, as as always, thoroughly loved reading all about it! i'm thankful for you and your blog! kisses

Dugovic Domain said...

I know! We said the same thing! Lady ga ga and N.B. are both waaaaay bigger and have more hits than NKOTB. That's why it was such a TREAT to find out that they were opening - ridiculous!

Love you Kris!

Kristina P. said...

You are hilarious! I would have loved to go, but I just couldn't fork out $40 for a ticket.

I was super excited for the reunion, until I realized they are a boy band of 30ish year-old men.

Dugovic Domain said...

I know! They totally did the old moves to their old songs, and that was jeeeust MONEY baby! I really loved it, and my ticket was free (icing.)

Jen Nelson said...

I am SO glad you finally blogged about this. It was seriously TOO MUCH fun! Like, it's embarrassing how much I loved the entire night.


Love you!

I totally look crazed in most of those pictures... I should lay off the crack for a while...

Dugovic Domain said...

It's totally understandable - you were on an NKOTB high! Can't say I blame you :)

Natasha Ireland said...

Best Night. I wanna do that again and again and again. Such a fun group. PS> I REALLY wanna a copy of that pic of the four of us by the Merch. booth before we got to our seats. So cute. :)

jenbulkley said...

Your mom told me about your blog. It sure is cute and your family is darling. I will add you. Josh will be excited to be kept up to date with your fam!

Chris, Carly & Coen!! said...

i'm pretty jealous... haha i think it would've been so much fun to go!! haha and donnie's my fav too!! hahaha

Ashley said...

So. Freakin. Jealous.