Friday, November 14, 2008

A month of thanks: DAY 14

I'm thankful...

1... that I finally got around to seeing "Mama Mia" - what a stinkin' fun show! I love musicals.
2... that I wasn't an adult during the 60's. ew.
3... for the blessing of being born in a free country.


Vickie said...

Hey there! This is Vickie (Chaston) Winegar. I look at your blog every now and again from Lindsey's blog. I love seeing what your up too. Kortland is a very cute little man! It looks like life is good to you. I really hope it is anyway.
I haven't joined the blogging world yet. I just can't find the time. Maybe next summer when schools out. I teach kindergarten here at good ole Monroe Elementary. I'm loving it. I'm also your neighbor here in the neighborhood. Brad and I built a house right next door to your house. We have three cute drama queens Alivia (6), Madison (4), and Gracie (9 mnths). Life is good. I'll comment here and there to keep in touch. Take care!

Dugovic Domain said...

Hey! I don't know if you'll be checking back on this, but it is great to hear from you! I didn't know you guys were back in Monroe, I'm so jealous. I have really good memories of that place. I keep telling Kyle he needs to make an extra 200,000 so we can go buy my old house back and turn it into a summer home or something, and my dad has always talked about retiring there. I really hope you do a blog (sooner rather than later) it would be great to see pics of your cute girls!