Saturday, November 15, 2008

A month of thanks: DAY 15

I'm thankful...
1...for "open-window-days" in November. My house was actually hot today. The sky was blue, the air was perfect, and positively every window in my house was flung open wide.

2... for a quiet afternoon where I got to sit on my bedroom floor and get ready for "the big night" high school style. Watch out Donnie, Joey, Jordan, and you other two less significant boy-banders... here I come!

3...for these rain boots. Kyle got them for me, and they have really come in handy when cleaning up the backyard, walking Kort to school on rainy days, and hiking grasshopper hill (which I suspected might be a bit muddy...but was not).

4...for my little V.I.P. Kort's V.I.P. poster came home this week. It says that he loves water slides and roller coasters, and finding sea shells on the beach, playing with magnets, and swimming with friends. It goes on to say that he has 8 (yes, e.i.g.h.t.) pets: 2 dogs, a cat, a hamster, and four frogs. His favorite foods are pizza (especially from "Killer Pizza from Mars", eggs, egg nog, pancakes, oatmeal. (Pretty much just sugar and breakfast food!)


The Moody's said...

NKOTB was AMAZING!!!! huh? I was there only 6 ft away from t he small stage on the floor. I felt like I was 11 all over again!!

Dugovic Domain said...

That's so crazy you were right there! How fun! Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised by how awesome they were.

nancy said...

Neeener Neeener Neeener....I saw them when they were really New. Well, that dates me. I guess I shouldn't have made fun. Who are the New Kids on the Block? Are they a new band. Haven't heard of em.