Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Make up your mind "Fitness Magazine"

I took Kortland to play at Jumping Jacks (Springville's totally awesome version of "Kangaroo Zoo") the other day, and to my delight, they had a stack of magazines for me to peruse while my little man played, and cavorted, and jumped and slided (not a word, I know it's "slid" but I was really lovin all the "-ed's" going on in that sentence - just thought I'd roll with it.) to his heart's content. So, I started flipping through an issue of "fitness magazine," and lo and behold, found a delightful article all about self-esteem! I thought to myself:

"Yay! It's about time they place a little more emphasis on loving yourself no matter what size your are."

(since all women have totally different bodies and body types and many women will not ever - for any number of reasons- be a size 2.) The article itself was really good. It featured a series of free workshops that Aisha Tyler (who I love) presents to inner-city youth groups about loving themselves for who they are and viewing other women as their allies rather than the competition. I couldn't agree more with such a sentiment. I really feel sorry for women who have been taught to view other women as their enemies, primarily because the women we are most intimidated by often have the most to teach us. They would likely prove to be the greatest examples and friends and supporters a girl could ask for. I am grateful that my mom has always been a wonderful example of loving everyone, especially those women she admired. Instead of nit-picking at them and tearing them down in any way she could in order to make herself feel better, she befriended them, learned from them, supported them, and became a better person for having known them. I have also found through my own experience that each of us have fears, insecurities, and problems with the way we perceive ourselves- no matter how smart, or beautiful, or put-together we appear to be on the outside, and in the end, I would much rather put myself in a position to support and strengthen one of the amazing women in my life than stand back and hope they'll fall on their face so I can feel just that much better about myself. So, I just wanted to say - that I thought it was great that "fitness magazine" took the time to develop such a worth-while article...

then I got to the last page... Baaaah ha ha ha ha ha ha! Nice.

Um, call me crazy...and I know "fitness magazine" is still in it to make the big bucks and all that...but is this not the very last place on Earth you would put an advertisement for Hydroxycut?! Geez, that's just amazing people!

"Hey, little girls! You should definitely love yourselves for who you are... but if you find that you just can't, don't try harder or surround yourself with positive role models and a support system of friends who love you for who you are, just buy this $30 bottle of Hydroxycut so you can look like smokin'-hot-red-bikini-woman! Exercise hard, eat next to nothing, and take bottled up short-cuts to reach your "fitness" goals in record time! Keep up the good work girl - if you get skinny enough, you will truly be worthy of love and acceptance someday..."

Employment crisis - what employment crisis?!
Melissa Etheridge still needs a decent publicist, and now it's clear that "fitness magazine" is in dyer need of a layout editor with even half a brain. (okay, they'll probably take someone with an eighth of one they're so desperate.)
So anyway, I just thought that was beyond funny and wanted to share my little discovery... I still totally meant what I said in the earlier section, I just wish that fitness's GENIUS of a Layout Editor would wait for, oh- I don't know 2 or 3 pages before putting a completely contradictory message in there! Come on, common sense people!


Scott and Jillian said...

Lol..two jobs up for grabs in the "employment crisis". Ha ha ha! I think the GLBT society/club/whatever needs a new president, too, because that lady can't do her research enough to realize it's Pres. MONson, not MUNson!

Ashley Koz said...

seriously that's way funny, its true there are so many mixed messages out there. I stopped buying and subscribing to fitness magazines altogether, I used to hoard them. I came to the realization that they did me more harm then good. Starring at ripped size 2 girls only made me feel insecure with my own body and I'm also totally against using fat burners like xenedrine, hydroxey cut etc... so I don't want to purchase a magazine that supports it

Heather said...

That's hilarious! I know... I say that a lot- but it's totally funny when something like that is so obvious. You should write them a letter! :) I agree that your Mom is wonderful and has always been a great example to all of us. Yeah for amazing family!