Monday, November 10, 2008

A month of thanks: DAY 10 Photo edition (oh yeah baby!)

I'm thankful...

1...for my sick boy. (Yes, still). If he's going to be sick for 2 (and it's looking more like it's going to be 3) days, then I get to be thankful for it for 2 (or 3) days as well! Look at how ridiculously adorable he is! Who couldn't love that? He felt much better today, but his glands are still pretty swollen and I don't want him passing anything on to his schoolmates, so we're playin' it safe. He had a very good time playing X Box with his dad. Sick days always feel a little special.

2...that the Bub-meister didn't die under the knife today. Today was the day of the big snip. Of course, I would rather not have had to take my dog in to get neutered on a day when it's pouring rain and my son is feeling crummy, but we've waited for 3 weeks to get this appointment, so I really didn't want to re-schedule. Bubs did great, and apparently so did our vet, (being that Bubs is alive and all that jazz) so we are happy with that. I was pretty stressed out about the whole thing because I couldn't stop myself from thinking about how ridiculous it would be for me to 1) save him from being put down at the Animal Shelter, 2) nurse him through 2 weeks of hacking, retching Kennel Cough only to 3) have him die on the table during a routine operation! (Yes, I am terminally morbid. So lame! ;) So, I'm very, very thankful that he is okay. Oh, and P.S. Are you SO IN LOVE with the make-shift doggie diaper? Ha ha ha ha ha! That's the whole reason why I took this picture! I thought it was so funny. The vet told us to jimmy-rig him up in an old t-shirt to try to keep him from chewing on his stitches. Don't know how effective it's going to be, but it was totally worth it for the pictures alone! (Kyle will have to go to Petsmart and get him a cone tomorrow.)

3...for crafting. I was rather stressed today (as stated above) so I turned to crafting for comfort. Is it just me, or does that pretty much ALWAYS prove to be amazingly therapeutic? I had a really great time putting together and creating new flower ideas for our Baby Monroe boutique. What do you guys think of the polka dot center in the orange flower? I kinda love it, I think it's a bit whimsical...and unique...but I'm wondering if that's just because I'm crazy/odd/strange/hit-and-miss with the good fashion ideas. Opinions people! (and honest ones at that, because if I make 20 of these babies all because you said they were cute, or said nothing at all, but you really thought they were totally lame, I'm gonna... well, not do anything to you really, but I bet you'll have a hard time sleeping at night!)

4...for a really fabulous sis-in-law (ahem, LEEANN)who sends her nephew "Mrs.Fields Cookie Coffins" in the mail for Halloween since she is far, far away in Chicago and can't see him on every holiday. So thoughtful and sweet! She is seriously one-in-a-million!


Heather said...

The polka dot center is very cute! Trust me, I know about cuteness. I need help, also! Please see my blog... I need your creativity!

Jen Nelson said...

Can I skip work and come snuggle with him?! I'll play X-box with him to!

I {heart} those flowers! You are adorable!

We need to see each other soon! I miss you!