Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The BEST thank you card I've ever recieved

This is the thank you note we recieved in the mail a week or so after attending Jack's 1st Birthday party at the Cedar Hills house.

baaa ha ha ha ha! My brother could not have found/wooed/married a more perfect girl for him.

K, so, Jack was a little tired/overwhelmed/bugged/one-year old-y at his first birthday party (let's be honest, who isn't? ;)

He really just wanted to run around the house holding a piece of wrapping paper for heaven's sake, and no one just would let him! There were presents to be opened, candles to be blown out, and cake to be smushed between his dimpled little fingers... the kid needed a little R & R people! Anyway, Cristi said that they felt this picture summed up his 1st Birthday perfectly. (how funny are they? Whipping up this type of card would NEVER have occured to me) I have to say, opening that envelope and finding this little gem inside - totally made my day.


Ashley said...

Too cute.

What a great idea for a thank you card!

You have a great sis-in-law!

Jen Nelson said...

Cristi is super awesome! This is so "them"! Love it!! Still freaks me out a little the kid is one... where the freak did the last year go?!? For reals!