Sunday, September 7, 2008

Laura + Brooke = GENIUS!

So, this is what happens when you lovingly place your cell phone in the outside passenger door handle of your grandma's SUV while shucking corn in her garage! I didn't want to set my phone on a garbage lid (ew) so I thought the car door handle would be a GREAT spot for it! My grandma wasn't going anywhere, she was staying to party with us, so I thought it would be fine for a minute while I carried the big pot of corn into the house. Well, lo and behold, Grandma got a call from my cute cousin Brooke (who is a cheerleader at Lone Peak High and lives right next door to grandma) saying that she needed a ride to the game, and her mom wasn't home in time to take her. Grandma hopped in the car and drove over to pick her up. My phone was still in the passenger door, and Brooke didn't even notice it! She somehow managed to get the door open without making the phone fall onto the driveway, and slam the door shut! The phone STILL held on! It decided to drop 6 blocks later as they turned onto the busy road that lead to the High School, and this is the end result!
Delightful. Well, it has been a very long time since I have done something so destructive/airheaded, so I guess I was due!
Yay me :)

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Ashley said...

Oh NO! That was such a nice phone too =( I'm sorry!