Sunday, September 7, 2008

Birthday BBQ

We had a small family BBQ at Grandma Headlee's Cedar Hills Home on friday night and it was really nice! I made grilled chicken, rice and corn on the cob. Kort had a great time playing with his cousins, and I had a great time catching up with my family. I especially loved having my cousin Jen join us- I don't see her often enough!

Kyle and Trevor always manage to give every photograph a little somthethin extra.
a little bug catching case
a cool robot that his cousin Nick gave him
A HUGE bug habitat that Uncle Trevor bought for Kort. It is the new, superfabulous home of Kortland's pet preying mantis which, in case you haven't already guessed, is named Prey-y! He names EVERYTHING after it's actual name. We also have a Hamster named "Hamstery" and four frogs named
froggy 1
froggy 2
froggy 3
and froggy 4
Naming pets has never really been a forum for showcasing the creative genius he normally exercises. It's hilarious.

Kyle is often forgotten during Kortland Mania
(his Bday is Aug 19 and Kort's is the 22nd)
But Trevor (pictured right)was thoughtful enough to pick up this little gem for the neglected Birthday Boy... He wasn't excited at all.


Heather Ryan said...

Trevor reminds me of someone in my family in that pic... hmmm, can you think who? Tommy has the same problem naming pets (we don't have any real ones, just Webkinz)- his first two were named "pet" and "doggy." We've got to work on creativity!!

Natasha Ireland said...

Laura, Kort's bag turned out PERFECT. Way to go. How did the lil' girls you did turn out? You should post that if you took a pic of it first.

Jen Nelson said...

It's true... you don't get to see me often enough. Ha ha ha! Had so much fun! Thanks for inviting me!

Love your face!