Friday, July 18, 2008

So, a few days ago, we found a chicken in our yard...

That's right. I said that a few days ago we found a chicken in our yard! It was crazy! So, we figured we needed to catch it and find out who was missing a white chicken... It took a while to get it cornered and captured, (and yes, Kort was completely thrilled with the spontaneous drama of it all) but we finally did it. A little neighbor kid told us that the people who lived down in the house on the corner had chickens, so we headed over there to see if it was one of theirs. It was. So that was a fun little adventure. Then today, Kort went to play at his Grandpa's for a little while, and he told Grandpa about the great chicken wrangling and grandpa said
"So, did you put it in your backyard and keep it for a pet?"
and Kort said
"No! We returned it to its rightful owner!"
Ahhhhhh ha ha ha ha ha!
Love it
I do not know where he gets this stuff.
Thank you PBS?
In other news, I pretty much totally love Martha Stewart! I checked her "Homekeeping Handbook" out at my local library and I must say - she has taught me a thing or two. My absolute most favorite new trick involves
lemon juice
(and pretend to be thrilled and surprised if you already know this - thanks). For drains and faucets that have hard water stains that will not go away, you lay a paper towel over the surface, pour lemon juice onto it and let it sit overnight. (That way people aren't actively using the sinks and washing all the good acidic juice away the way they would during daylight hours) In the morning, when you wake up, remove the paper towel and (cue opera singer: aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!)
It is CLEAN baby!
***It may take a little scrubbing if the hard water stains are thick and layered and crusty - but for the most part - it is totally pimp!***


Ashley said...

well... i just learned something new! thanks for sharing! lol that is cute about what Kort said! i always wonder where my kids come up with some of the things they say... i guess they are paying more attention than we think... haha i heart kids! =D

Natasha Ireland said...

hahahahaha Your hilarious. I did NOT know that. Thanks for the tip.

Nikki said...

haha I love it! What a cutie! And the lemon juice thing I've never heard of! I will have to try it

Chris, Carly & Coen!! said...

ah i've never heard of the lemon juice trick!! THANKS... in part to martha stewart, but mostly to you!! haha

and that is hilarious how Kort corrected his grandpa about keeping the chicken...