Thursday, July 10, 2008

A BOY and his DOG

best friends


Bella "Roo" Dugovic


Jen Nelson said...

Um, hello! Cutest dog ever! And seriously if Kortland gets cuter I'm going to eat him!
Love you TONS!

Cousin Jenni

Celeste said...

I have been contemplating getting my Charlie a friend since seeing your sweet new buddy. What a beautiful girl. I do not get people who don't like dogs. It seems that they are missing a part of their souls.

Ashley said...

he is in pure doggy heaven!!! =)

Shannan and Josh said...

Very cute boys you got. So has it been easy with this dog, or alot of We gotta get together soon.

Nikki said...

ohhh what a precious little dog! I love her name!

Michele said...

Hi Laura,
Your son is getting so big and adorable! Hope you guys are doing good!
Michele Newman

Anonymous said...

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