Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Birthday on my mind.

I'm getting really excited for
Kortland's 5th Birthday
in August. -Not particularly excited about Kort getting older,
and certainly not excited about Kort starting kindergarten
next month (I may cry just typing about it)
But definitely excited to party and celebrate my favorite little guy. Since I've had birthday planning on my mind, I decided to post pictures from last year's party since I wasn't blogging at the time of his 4th Birthday. I think I want to have a blog-book made
(so I don't have to get my scrapbooking stuff out...
like...ever again)
so I will probably add pictures and journaling from other past vacations and family events-anything that I want to be part of my book- in the next couple of weeks and months as well.
Under The Sea Carnival
(birthday 2007)
Fishing Booth
What did I get?
I love the forced smile and totally distracted face!
Getting his pic taken is the last thing on his mind!

Digging for pirate treasure!
The kids each got one minute to dig up as many gold coins as they could find. They really got into it.


(special thanks to Rick and Marissa!!)
The Birthday Boy watching
the chaos from his perch
My neighbor made the cake for us - we loved it! She is so talented. It was made of fondant and everything was edible. Those octopus legs vanished 10 seconds after Kort blew out the candles! It was a really fun day and I can't wait to have a repeat this year.


Natasha Ireland said...

Can I hire you to throw my parties. Your Amazing. I MISS U. You had a water slide last year...I wasn't invited (so sad) jk

Aubry and Brian Macbean Family said...

I can't believe that Kort is going to be turning 5. Mackenzie is almost 2 now. Wow time sure goes by fast. We need to get together soon. Wish Kort a happy b-day from me.

Ashley said...

This was such a FUN party! I wish we could be there to celebrate his 5th birthday next month =(

Dustin & Katie said...

That looks like a fun party. You have creative ideas! I'm sure Kort loved it! Can't wait to see this years pictures...