Monday, May 21, 2012

Dear Solar Eclipse,

Remember that one time, when the moon moved in front of the sun, and it
That was awesome. Photobucket

{Um, yeah, my camera totally didn't get a very flattering shot of you...didn't really come through...sorry about that.} Photobucket Photobucket
 And, remember how your presence helped me get blackmail footage of my {otherwise very masculine} neighb...wearing hot pink sunglasses? Well, it was much appreciated, solar eclipse.

Photobucket Remember how we were so excited to see you, that we decided to take pictures of our excited faces?
That was great.Photobucket
And remember how making excited faces, made us really want to take a picture with duck faces?
That, too, was very lovely indeed.
Good times.
 Photobucket Photobucket
Silly faces + duck faces = joy. {...multiplied by 8} Also, note Jordan's gum.
{You're welcome, Solar Eclipse.}Photobucket Jordan's gum again. You're welcome...again.Photobucket

And again...Photobucket Thanks for the unfiltered solar eclipse joy... and the blindness that will inevitably accompany it. Photobucket 
 We were in awe, solar eclipse.
{Note: Kort is NOT actually looking at the eclipse with no protective eye wear in this shot.
I'm negligent... not a complete moron. :)
Photobucket Photobucket  Photobucket  Photobucket Photobucket {Someday her prince will come...}PhotobucketPhotobucket {Sliver removal.}Photobucket {Someday, his prince will come too.}Photobucket
{He will likely be a rather homely prince...but a prince none-the-less.}

 Photobucket Photobucket Aw!PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket 

Good times, Solar Eclipse.
Good times.


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Spencer 'n' Kristi Corbett said...

LOL! LOL!! (Yes, I am, indeed, laughing out loud.)