Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dear Friends,


Today, one of the Hubs' friends on facebook posted the following: 

"My 21 month old just said: 'Thanks mom, it's so cute!'"


My kid is 21 months old, and do you wanna know what he says?


{Since Tennyson just invented this word, you may or may not know how to pronounce it, so I'll give you a hint: it sounds like a monster who just stubbed his toe...with a touch of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" there at the end.}

And to help me understand EXACTLY what he wants, he points at what he wants, or where he wants to go while making said angry monster sound.

Gosh, I'm glad I'm not one of those moms who meticulously compares her kids to other people's kids. I would be on my way to the pediatrician's office right now with a long list of concerns. Ha ha!

The truth is, he is a sass.

He does every single other thing a normal, developing toddler does. He makes eye contact, copies what I do, follows instructions {when he dang well WANTS to...or when candy is involved...}and he communicates REALLY well. {Even though it is through a language that is decidedly a mixture of Finnish and Tasmanian Devil}

So, I'm going to go ahead and start worrying if he doesn't learn English by Kindergarten....or if he bites off an unsuspecting shopper's finger when they attempt to pet his deceptively innocent fuzzy duck hair... Whichever comes first.}



Aubry Macbean said...

Honestly who wants a stranger petting your head. I would bite them too.

Duncan Family Blog said...

This is totally ironic, or ment to be, that I am sitting here reading your running frustration....WITH ICE ON MY KNEE. Yes, I am supposed to run a 10k this weekend and The Spartan in June. Will this be possible with a knee that is screaming NOOOOOO!!? Me and my knee are going to have a nice long talk, because I AM going to do this!. I too, was not blessed with long distance running genes, so in echo of your wonderful movie line, to those that have the gene.....RUN FORREST RUN! Time to find a new hobby.

Harrison's said...

So glad Jax isn't the only 21 month old not speaking full sentences. He pretty much grunts :). Always fun popping by your blog - hope you guys are great!