Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dear Tennyson,


Remember that one time when your friends came over to play...and you walked into your room, shut the door so they couldn't get in, and then proceeded to play by yourself?

Remember that?

Yeah, that was kind of rude.

Then, remember how I found you playing by yourself in your room, and I picked you up and carried you back out into the living room, and how I  told you to stop being anti-social, and to give your visitors a chance?

Then, remember how you turned around, walked back into your room, shut the door {harder this time}and played by yourself again?

Um...pretty sure that is not appropriate host behavior....

just sayin'...


And you know how you grunt and point when you want something?
And how you growl and get all slappy when you're angry?
And you know how you sit on the ground and cry/ growl/screech at your feet when I make you wear shoes?
And you know how you growl, and then slap away the hands of strangers in the grocery store when they try to reach out and rub your fuzzy duck hair?
And you know how your favorite show on the planet of earth is "Monsters, Inc.?"

Well, all this evidence and more has led me to believe that you are some sort of toddler/beast hybrid.
And that I needed to have a very special hat made just for you.

Now, you can sit in your room all by yourself, eat all the Pringles potato chips your evil little monster heart desires, and go about your trollish monster business all by your lone. {Sawyer Susie - holler.} It will be grumpy toddler heaven.

You're welcome.

{Not that you have any intention of thanking me...since it's not really how monsters roll.}

Yer Mom.

Dear Jyl at Cherub Chic,

You know that one time when I was all like: "I really need a DANG cute monster hat for Tentens, but I want it like this and this and this, but not with this, but definitely with something along the lines of that, and this and that and this and that...?"

And then, remember how you knew exactly what I meant, and did it exactly the way I asked you to do it, and how you had the idea to put a mohawk on it ...and how it was even better than I could have ever dreamed?

Yeah, that was awesome.


Now, THANKFULLY, {and hopefully} the general public will know that they are dealing with a monster-toddler-hybrid and not just a mere baby with irresistibly fuzzy duck hair. Otherwise, one of these days, an unsuspecting shopper might lose a finger...or at the very least get toddler-slapped in front of their peers. {Embarrassing.}




Lisa Lou said...

Oh my! That is adorable. I love his smug little face.

likeschocolate said...

Love the hat! He is adorable!