Sunday, February 12, 2012

To whom it may concern:

{And if you like talking about: school, dreams and goals, bags of coconut, or if you just really like looking at pictures of sassy babies with frosting all over their faces then this DEFINITELY "concerns" you.}


I am really excited about life right now. {Well not the part of my life where mean people are magnetically getting pulled in my general direction to an extent that is downright indecent, but I am definitely excited about other things!}

One of them being: I am certifying to become a doula and a Hypnobirthing instructor! Woot woot!


My awesome friend, Laura, {cool name} recently attended Hypnobirthing classes in preparation for the birth of her fourth child. She and her husband Ben LOVED the classes and their excitement was infectious. It brought back all of the fond memories I had of attending Hypnobirthing classes {NINE years ago now!}and feeling so empowered to trust my body and release the fears I had surrounding the birth of Kortland. It was honestly one of the turning points in my life.


So, Laura and Ben were psyched. They worked hard. They fully embraced the journey {mentally/emotionally/spiritually} and were ready to meet their little one. And... then she had a 32 minute labor and birthed the baby on her living room floor. AWESOME! {No, seriously, it was. Ben was educated {aka empowered} and fully confident in his role as her birth support.}


You can read their experience here.
And I highly recommend it!


Anyway, I went to a follow up luncheon with Laura's class - where she had been asked to come and share her birth story. I had such a great time listening to all of the positive, wonderful stories and talking with women who were enthusiastic about their roles as mothers, and I just thought: "WHY am I not doing childbirth education? I LOVE childbirth education!!!"

So, that was the start of it.


I am starting my doula {birth support companion} training on March 8th and then spending 5 days in Arizona {in April} where I'll be certifying as a Hypnobirthing instructor. I'm really excited.

Also, if anyone out there would like FREE doula services during their next labor and birth, you should take advantage of the fact that I need to attend 3 births {aka act as a birth support companion for 3 different women} to finalize my doula certification. And I am offering to do all three of those free of charge. Doulas cost anywhere from $100-$700 buckaroos, so take advantage.

{And if you don't have a baby on the way - please spread the word and let your pregnant friends know, yes? I know not everyone wants to have additional assistance during their labor, but the statistics of how much better births turn out when women have that extra boost of support is amazing! More on that in posts to come.}


On a separate note entirely, I bought the most fantastic dried coconut {"Philippine" Brand} at Costo the other day! I'm not really a health nut or a big fan of dried fruits in general, but MAN that stuff is good!

I bought a bag on a whim, thinking I just wanted to give it a try, and ended up eating half of it on the drive home! It was soooo good. I couldn't stop.

I then ate the other half within two days. Okay, well, my kids helped a lot. They love it too. How great is THAT?

And as if that wasn't great enough, one serving size has 14 grams of fiber and one gram of sugar.


All that fiber has been heaven sent for Tentens' digestive system...which normally likes to make him horrifically, painfully constipated two or three times a week.

And I know what you're thinking, but NO, the company didn't pay me to tell you that.

They also didn't offer to give me a lifetime supply of dried coconut in exchange for blogging about it.

Oh man, I just stopped and thought about how great it would be if they offered to give me a lifetime supply of dried coconut...

Num, num, num.

But alas, it is not so.
I am not nearly a big enough deal for that kind of, um, deal.

But I'm endorsing them anyway, cause they are just that good.

Thanks for being someone whom it concerns. ;)


emily said...

Oh Laura!! U R hilarious! I actually thought about you today cuz i was at DI and I saw these gray metal filing boxes and I thought about getting them and spraypainting them but they were so small I didn't know what to put in them..kinda like the library card or index card size...any suggestions? Awesome about your hypnobirthing. When do you have to certify by and get your three clients? Hope you are well. Any new projects lately? Em

Meg said...

Cute Tens. Spotted the file thing on your wall-give us some details on that please.

imemary said...

I'm not due until August, but if by then you haven't met your quota I would be more than happy to have you there.

Jillian said...

That is so awesome, Laura! I'm excited for you! When and where in AZ will you be? 'Cause, you know, I live here in Arizona. ;)

likeschocolate said...

He is adorable!