Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dear McDonald's McCafe

Golly you're pretty.
And I'm not just saying that either.
You are pri-i-i-i-t-eeeeeee!
Just gorge.

Your modern, faux tile walls,
and funky contemporary pendant lighting
make me want to order a latte',
{even though I don't drink them...}
bust out a pretentious book,
curl up in a booth,
and pretend that I'm an intellectual, New-Yorkish-type-cool-person
rather than a mother of two in rural Springville
sitting a mere booger's throw from a plastic children's play-land.

When I first heard that y'all were doing a full-on make-over,
I'll be honest,
I had my doubts.

But man,
when I find myself surrounded by the luxury of your all-new,
cheeky-chic-y-super-gorge surroundings,
I almost want to eat one of your cheeseburgers.


Good job, you. 


P.s. In case my words aren't accurately summing up the INTENSE love I have for your fab new interiors, simply replace the words "a double rainbow" with "a McCafe Remodel" during the following video.

{Pretty much EXACTLY my reaction when I first beheld you in all your newly remodeled glory.}


Amie said...

AMEN! ...and the "mere booger's throw away"??? Hi-lar-i-ous!!!

martha bee said...

this guy needs to put the joint down now!