Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dear Dippin' Dots Ice Cream People,

FIVE dollars for a teeeeensytinsylil'bittycup of ice cream?
And SEVEN for a {quote/unquote}"MEDIUM"?

Hmmmm, let me see here,

send my kid to college...
or buy him a dippin dots ice cream at Seven Peaks?

Decisions, decisions...

Have you no soul?



Ashley Koz said...

$7??? thats crazy talk. I never remember them being that much, then again we are talking about 7-peaks.

Leslie said...

You recent 'dear' entries have tears running down my face. Dear Lola, Please, please never stop explaining real life to your readers. We all think the same way you do, we just have a much harder time confessing to it!

~j. said...

My friend's son: "Mom! I like to experiment with this Dippin' Dots ice cream. I stir it and stir it until it becomes creamy."

My friend: "Like ice cream. Great. Glad I paid for that."

Shantelle said...

I have some real beef with dip in dots. I love how they came out like 10 years ago with the slogan, "Ice cream of the future." I believed it and then 10 years later....still 7 bucks a pop and only found at 7 peaks. ha.

VolleyMom said...

Too bad they are so worth it. They are a super N-I-F-T-Y invention. I love it!!! It is pricey, but darn it, mmmmmmmm!