Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dear Seven Peaks Water Park,

So, I'm just gonna come right out and say it. Y'all prolly got a little  lot bit, very, very, extremely greedy/carried away this past year and sold way too many "Pass of All Passes." I mean, whoa! Y'all are overloaded {times, like, 50} and I'm left wondering 1}How much it took to bribe the fire marshal, and 2} how does one come to be in the position of fire marshal? {You know, I am sort of hoping to be in the market for a new car, and I think with all the bribes I'd be accepting, that could easily come to pass.}

That being said, I surprisingly had a LOT of fun while visiting there yesterday.

Last season, I only went one time, and once was enough what with your scary-military-esque bag checkers, and pass scanners, and towel searchers. I felt like Miss U.S.A. trying to get through a TSA security check or like a smuggler crossing the border into Nazi-Germany rather than a stay at home mom trying to enjoy a day of overcrowded water park fun. I mean, feeling like a violated Miss U.S.A was kind of glamorous at first, but when I started getting "flashes of Quincy Nazi-Germany," it was a bit much.

Not so this year! Even though there are 3 times as many people, the lines weren't bad, and the bag checkers were friendly. Nice work, Seven Peaks Water Park.

Very nice work indeed.

Now if you could turn your attention to the problem of keeping toddlers from leaving presents in your wave pool, that would just be peaches. {I shall be utterly impressed if you devise a solution to that one.}


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Ashley Koz said...

im glad you had a good experience there. it just bugs how the last few years they try to suck every dime they can. charge for parking that used to be free, charge for tubes that used to be free, dont let anyone take any food or WATER into the park, i mean little boys need snacks and i dont want to buy overpriced junk food ya know.