Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dear Calvin Klein bathing suit,

{This is the exact style of my suit, only mine is black. ...and I am 30 to1,235 shades paler/whiter than model shown... and my hair doesn't look like that, well, um, ever, and especially not when I'm know, for the record.}

You are fired.
I said it.

I love your square neckline and girdle-like fit.
I love that you are black and classy.
I love that you are a designer brand but that I got you on sale for a really smokin' deal.

All of this love blinds me to your greater faults, but, really those faults are just inexcuseable.
You have wedgied me for the last time.

You'll never work in this town again!




Sweet Fink said...

You did however look super cute in it:)

Lisa said...

I'm with ya!!!

Andrea Harper said...

Oh man, swimsuits in general right now are fired by me! I gots a LOT of work to do before I even think about to giving my buns the CHANCE to be wedgied!