Sunday, April 3, 2011


i bought and painted 
the cutest lil' desk over the weekend!
i am totally kicking myself though because I was
and ridiculously.
excited about gettin' my spray paint on 
that I totally forgot to take 
pictures of it. 
{frowny face goes here.}
But here is the end result.
{I am so in love.}
and the hubs and i were clearly out in the sun too long.
we screwed 3 of the 4 drawer pulls on upside down.

and i wasn't sure if desperately wanting 
a backyard flock of chickens
and sincerely wanting to deliver a  
birfing baby goat
qualified me as a true blue redneck,
so i decided to make it more official and
didn't put on any sunscreen while 
working in the front yard.

so, my neck is officially a wonderful shade of 
tomato red.
so there, haters.
can't say i'm a poser now, can ya?
i'm the real deal baby!

{note for clarification: there technically aren't any "haters" that have officially called me a poser and what not. i just wanted to say "so there, haters." cause, while i may be a little bit country, i am way street and such too

...didn't you know?}


Formerly known as Frau said...

It's gorgeous....such a fun color!

Karen Deborah said...

and you are way fun too you redneck chick!