Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i must say it was a good day...

{THERE nancy-pants, pictures of the oh so elusive Kortmeister...you happy now?} ;)

Today has been nice.
I feel like I actually got some
"big ticket items" tackled,
which is always rewarding.

I got a new desk,
and a new filing cabinet 
that I have every intention
of spraying painting baby pink.
Not because I have a baby girl on the way or anything.
{Breathe, mom, breath.}
But because I am officially claiming me some 
girly space up in this here nest.
So WARM UP March, I need to get my spray paint on!
{Now! ...um, please?}

I got Kort signed up for baseball {ahem, late}
cleaned my room,
folded 6 loads of laundry,
I even have dinner planned.

It's true, friends.
The next time you hear Sarah Mclachlan singing that
"ordinary miracle" song on the radio.
Think of me.
Me and my miraculous ability to make dinner
1 to 2 out of the seven days in a given week.

Always miraculous.
That's me.
A modern day miracle worker.
Ten has yet another
horrendously bad runny nose.
It is so sad.
I took Kort to the library and let him pick out a bunch of chapter books.
We love the library.
It is like shopping - for FREE!
Shopping spreeeeeeeee!
Supermarket Sweeeeeeeep!
Only, it's better.
Because instead of a bunch of groceries, diapers, and what nots to put away,
we walk away with a compact stack {and delightful mixture} of adventure and information.
I love books so much.
Non-fiction for me, thanks.
Last week, I finished reading 600 pages of information
teaching me how to raise goats, rabbits, sheep, and ducks.
Totally did. 
Then I washed that puppy down with a 
200 page book about raising chickens.
I guess it's true.
You can take the girl out of the EC, 
but the EC clearly lies dormant in said girl
and then explodes into a full blown country-life obsession
when said girl turns 30, birfs a second baby, 
and becomes hilariously enchanted with the 
simple, quiet, self-reliant, c.o.u.n.t.r.y. way of life.
So, if you ever need help delivering a baby goat...
you know who to call. {Hint: me!}
On this library trip I picked up
by Dave Cullen
One of my friends reviewed it on "Goodreads"
and something in me knew that I needed to read it.
Don't know why.
I'm 54 pages into it. Eeeesh.
Review to come. {Maybe. IF I finish...}

Kort has been an absolute peach.
He came home from school.
Did a list of chores that I gave him without protesting.
Then he snuggled down into his bean bag and read more of his book.
{Don't you love the sound of children reading...
Oh, be still my joyous, hoppity, soul}

Okay, I'm off to finish dinner 
{sundried tomatoes and chicken in pasta with scones for dessert}
and to wipe Tentens' nose for the hundredth time
{while he promptly 
screams at me, 
cries at me, 
and stares me down
like the nostril terrorist that I am.}

Happy Tuesday, friends.


Jeff and Jessie said...

One of my favorite quickies:
1 pork roast-put in crock pot. Top with 1 c. brown sugar and 1 can (small-like pint size) salsa. Cook for 6-8 hours. shred. Put on warm tortillas with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream and cilantro. Delish and oh-so-easy!!!

Amie said...

I LOVE libraries too, for so many reasons. But I can't believe you love reading non-fiction. I think that makes you incredibly intellectual. I still get more points for reading say... paranormal romance than for zoning out on tv, right?

Life with Kaishon said...

I make dinner even less than you. 1 out of 7 days a week. Kaishon LOVES Ramen noodles. I wish I was more amazing. I feel like a fail.
I can't wait for your pink cabinet.

VolleyMom said...

Thank you for the Kortland pictures, it is appreciated. Now I don't have to bombard your house with my camera shouting..."Say Cheese." And If you were having a crazy bad day the other day because of me...I apologize. But if so....I don't remember anything, so call me. I heart you!!

Melissa said...

It's so true about the EC lying dormant...and why oh why does it chose to show it's self at the most inappropriate times?? At least that's what happens to me!

tanalicious said...

oh.. columbine is seriously an awesomely deranged but intriguing book.. but then again, i like the depressing real life books. the fluffy ones just irritate me. life isnt a bunch of fairy farts and rainbows. curse you stephanie meyer!

anyways.. i yell at my kids too. im glad someone else does.

ps. are you on goodreads? we should swap book lists.

Kestrel said...

Columbine is a HARD book to read. My review of it is here: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/135521084 We should be GR friends :)

likeschocolate said...

Love days like these when everything falls into place.