Sunday, March 27, 2011

Have you ever...

had a rough day?
{okay, that's probably a stupid question.}
"Duh, winning YES, Lola. Everyone has bad days!"
Okay, okay, I'll be more specific.
Have you ever had one of those days when you just feel crazy?

When everything feels wrong with the world,
Where you're tired,
Where you're frustrated,
Where you are restless and feel like you don't belong,
and you think that you need to move far, far away,
and just get the heck away from it all... 

you know?
Where you scream at your seven year old
Because he won't just. get. out. of. the. gosh. dang. bath. tub.
And then you ground him for an entire week,
{which is like, obviously a bit excessive,
but he WAS being super defiant,
and now it's too late
because if I go back on the punishment,
he won't take me seriously,
so now I have gone and grounded my poor kid for a week
because I am a crabby, crazy nut-head
and I can't even take it back.}

The worst part? 
As I was squealing:

"Okay, fine. 1-2-3, NOW you're grounded all of MONDAY!!!"
"1-2-3, NOW you're grounded all of TUESDAY!!!"

and as I got to FRIDAY...
then, and only then does the hubs pipe up
and call out from the other room:

"Kort, if you don't get out of the tub RIGHT NOW,
I'm throwing your Nintendo dsi in the garbage."

Um, can you say naked lightning?
Naked lightning.

Good old hubs - he has that kid's currency nailed.

I wish he had intervened when I was threatening "TUESDAY!!!!!"
so that I hadn't gone and doomed myself to
an entire week of being cooped up with a bored seven year old.

Frankly, I feel really sorry for both of us.


So yeah,
due to what I can only assume are hormones run amok,
I am feeling sad, irritable, irrational,
and all around just nuttier than a squirrel turd.

But, I know this too shall pass.

But you know it's bad
when multiple {read: way too many... times three}
mini candy bars can't smother the irritability in chocolatey goodness.
{Believe me, I just tried...and I just might try again in a few hours.}
On the bright side?
Kort forgave me.
And we are going to spend this coming week reading books
and working on projects around the house.
On the other bright side?
I get to munch these baby cheeks whenever I want.
Chocolate may not be doing the trick these days,
but at least I have a fool-proof stand by.


Nisa said...

Aw, see? I knew I should have read the post first. Those cute smiles are definitely full-proof. Where was HE when Kort was being defiant. Haha! Ah well! It sounds like you're going to have an awesome week regardless. Reading books together is THE BEST! I hope you feel better soon. Love ya tons!

Lisa Miller said...

Love you! I can totally sympathize. Today is the first day in a week-ish that I've woke up feeling sane. Hormones, Yay :(

Aubry Macbean said...

Had one of those nights the other night. Mackenzie now has to wait a Whole nother month before she can watch "Tangled" which I have every intention of buying tomorrow.

Tezzie said...

Yeah...I can relate to feeling like that :P (much too often, for my liking) Hope your week's bound to, right, with such sweet baby love in the house?! ;D

Heather said...

Tennyson is your twin. Post some baby pics of you and him side-by-side! :)

Tamar SB said...

That adorable smile can make any bad day float away right? He's precious and his shirt is so styling!

Tamar - from community global

Jennifer Bowen said...

I can definitely sympathize. Sometimes I wonder if kids just automatically block mom's voice out. Dad's voice, on the other hand, seems to be able to reach them quickly.

I hope you feel better soon. I know hormones can make you feel all kinds of emotions all at once. At least you have your little ones' smiley face to keep calm you down. =)

t @ emmons-blessing. said...

Best lesson...letting our kids know that we are not always right, and that we make mistakes too. I have been in the same spot, only to cool off {well after the school bus has come and gone}. I never would lesson a punishment {week grounded for not "hopping to it" all-the-while blowing my fuse, and shooting flames out every oriface above my shoulders. occupation provided me with some very helpful information. (reasonable, related, and respectful) As mothers, we do the best we know how.

Props to you for being such a wonderful mom!!

Great Captures, too!

(the parenting advise is free... from one mom to another)

Tara said...

Oh yup, I can relate. I think everyone has those days! I love these captures of the little one...adorable!!!

the Lola Letters said...

t - I agree! Apologizing to our kids and letting them know that we are not perfect, nor do we THINK we are, is a very important thing to do.

The problem with this particular situation is, I know that he didn't listen to me in the first place because he doesn't take me seriously, so the punishment needs to stick this time around.

BUT I did apologize for losing my temper, and I also took him to the library yesterday and let him get a bunch of chapter books so that we can enjoy a week of reading together while his social life is out of commission!


Maddy said...

I think we all have days when things are just a mess. Sometimes all it takes is a day off to get things sorted out. Ten is getting so big and more handsome with each passing day!

VolleyMom said...

Picture of Kortland coming soon? I will start demanding it...even if your driving the crazy train AGAIN!!!! Scream then take a breath, then scream again, repeat a few times as needed. But not at the kids. This works. Try it. Sometimes it KEEPS me from DRIVING the crazy train, even though I am still riding on it.

VolleyMom said...

Did I mention....Gonna start demanding pictures of Kortland, or I will just come over and take pictures of him my gosh darn self!!!

Grace said...

It sounds like you did have a bad day. I can sympathize with you as I just had my four year old grandson who broke my headset, my favorite coffee cup (because he doesn't listen when I say, "Don't climb in the chair over the arms". When the coffee cup broke he said, "I'm just having a bad day!" Funny, it seemed like I was having a bad day since it was my stuff being broken.
I'm sure it will all be better in no time.

Danelle said...

Funny, that is the exact same threat my husband uses on our boys. Works every time!

Caroline (Frogmum) said...

Something here sound OH so familiar! ((hugs)) for the crabbiness ~ comes with the territory of motherhood at times I'm certain (at least that's my excuse)! But there's always a fresh tomorrow :D
And those chubby cheeks could make any crabby Mum smile ~ such an essential cheer-me-up!! :)