Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the end of an era.

So, last night I yoinked another one of Kort's teeth. 
It was ridiculously loose, but he still wouldn't hunker down and pull it - so mom had to step in. He was thrilled to see it come out into my hand and exclaimed {as he always does post-tooth-yoinking-a-la-mom}
"That didn't even hurt!"

{Magic fingers, my dear friends. Magic, tooth-yoinking fingers on this girl right here. Ten of 'em.}
We put the tooth in a plastic bag and slipped it under his pillow at bed time. We fed Armor and Affie {the hermit crabs}and climbed into his loft bed together. We talked about his day at school, and about a possible trip to the beach this summer... and then, he totally blindsided me.
I imagine that most parents dread this particular question...
I know that I certainly have.
{And no, it's not about the origin of babies...
though I'm sure that one is on the horizon too...}
"Mom? Is Santa Claus really real?"
"Um, well... what do you think?"
{Long pause}
"I think it's just you and dad."
I was tempted to insist that Santa was real. Or to force that little monkey into believing a' la the good old "Santa won't bring you presents if you don't believe in him." stand-by... but I just couldn't do it. I don't want to be the mother of "that weird kid" on the playground who is getting into fist fights defending Santa's honor because "His mom says Santa is real and she would never EVER lie to him so stop. dissing. SANTA!!!"

Cause yeah, that could end badly.
I just loved having the magic in our house though.
I still vividly remember laying in bed in our house in Monroe and holding my breath because I heard noises and was SURE that it was reindeer on the roof and I didn't want Santa to know I was awake. It was a supremely magical time for me, and one of the greatest gifts my parents could have every given.

I know some parents think that it's dishonest, or that no fat man in a red suit should get credit for giving presents that were actually bought with their hard-earned money and blah blah blah.... But I love the magic of it all. Love. It.
But, alas...
Santa Claus is "no more." 
{At least not round these parts...}
Thank HEAVEN that we have a new little dude who can keep the magic alive in our house for years to come. This next December will be kind of a bummer though. Ten is too young to believe and Kort is officially a nonbeliever... Kort will be really excited about keeping the magic alive for his siblings though. It will surely be fun to have a co-conspirator from here on out.
In other news:
*My baby looks something akin to amazing with a bowl on his head.
*I get to have lunch with a favorite friend at her house today and also photograph her ADORABLE triplets! {Yes, I just said triplets... you read that right.}

Happy Wednesday, friends.


May said...

Last year, my son and daughter too were in doubt. They kept saying that it was hubby and I who sneaked in the gifts on Christmas Eve. I then told them that the moment they stopped believing, the gifts would stop. They were much too smarter for me. They were like "Ohh, if it is you, then we want a camera and an ipod!!!!!"

Jeff and Jessie said...

My fourth grader still believes. I hope he never stops.

the Lola Letters said...

Oh Jessie, I wish!

I want to smack those know it all kids who ruin it for the rest of us!

Kort was having arguments at school all the time. So annoying!

He is under STRICT instructions to never EVER say that Santa isn't real to anyone else. Ugh!