Monday, February 14, 2011

valentine's day


To Do:

1. Attend funeral in Ferron {it was incredible, and VERY successfully honored a WONDERFUL husband and father. wow... more on this in a later post.}
2. Go home to the cabin and help mom put away Christmas. {Okay, hold a fussy baby and WATCH mom put Christmas away all by her lone and wish that you could be of more assistance.} And yes, I said CHRISTMAS. We don't get down to the cabin very often!
3. Put fussy baby down for a nap.
4. Go eat a chicken taco at the Grub box with Drew, Rachelle, and Kirk and Kathy Perkins. {Ahhhhh.... that's better.}
5. Get a phone call from the hubs where he tells you that you both forgot to send Kort's valentines to school with him today.
6. Feel sick, and worry that he will be scarred for life and always remember that horribly humiliating V-day in second grade when he was the ONLY kid in class who didn't get to pass out valentines.
7. Sigh with relief when the hubs informs you that he simply said "It's okay, you can bring them or not... Look at all the stuff I got!" Shoves candy in mouth. {crisis averted.}
8. Pack in a rush so you can get through the canyon before dark.
9. Set your cell phone on the bed while you nurse Tentens and say to yourself "Do NOT forget your phone...Do NOT forget your phone... Do NOT forget your phone...Do NOT forget your phone..."
10. Forget it anyway.
11. And don't bother to remember until you are passing through Price {45 minutes later}
12. You are awesome.
13. So awesome.
14. Get an Almond Joy at Maverick.
15. Mmmm and Aw and say "Man, I SO made the right candy bar choice." {Repeat 5 times, subsequently annoying everyone who has the misfortune of being in the car with you.}
16. Hand toys to a fussy {teething...poor guy} baby and have him growl like a gremlin, throw them back at you, and resume fussing. {Repeat for 2 hours straight.}
17. Get home {finally}.
18. Give the hubs his "Valentimes" present. {p.s. we are NOT, I repeat n.o.t V-day people...the giving of this gift on this, the day of love and stuffed bears, and chocolate was purely coincidental}.
19. Feel proud of yourself because not many people give their hubs-es a TRUCK for V-day, but you totally did.
20. Yep.
21. Question: Who has two thumbs and brought her hubs a new {to us} truck for "Valentimes" Day?
22. This girl right here. {Points to self with two thumbs}
23. Say thanks to your dad for giving you his old truck.
24. Thanks dad!
25. Pile the family into the new {to us} truck.
26. Drop the fussy baby off to Nama and Grandpa Jim cause he does not want to go anywhere else in a motor vehichle today!!!
27. Take Kort on a Valentimes Day date to Wendy's and get him a kid's meal and frosty.
28. Sit in Wendy's for a while and jam out to random music and talk with the hubs about what a romantic V-day it is.
29. {and seriously, it was wanna know why?}
30. Because I am married to a man that makes me so happy, that a trip to Wendy's in a beat up pick up truck is pure bliss. And just as good as anything else. With him by my side everything is beautiful.
31. No need to suss it up.
32. He doesn't have to prove a dang thing...
33. Or meet a certain set of V-day expectations.
34. He's exceeded even my wildest dreams just by existing...
35. and by being willing to swear his life to me, as I have sworn my life to him.
36. He also gave me the most wonderful pair of offspring on the planet of earth.
37. And really, there's no topping that, so why even try, right?
38. Right.

Happy Valentimes Day, dear ones.
All my love,


Cynthia said...

where is the "like" button? haha
i love you!

the Lola Letters said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Lola! This sounds like the most amazing and wonderful day.
I love it. Right down to the Almond Joy! That was a very good candy choice by the way.
I am still signed in as you. So I won't tell you who I am. I hope you can figure it out!

I left a comment for my friend drew as you by accident and last night at 11:30 I got this email from her and she was like, Becky, was that you as Lola? I was trying to figure out why this girl I had never met before was leaving such a complicated message to me. She sounded like she knew me very well. Funny, right?

Unknown said...

Best. V.Day. Ever! Because every day is the best day ever. I just love you, Laura!

And Wendy's too. Lots of love for Wendy's Here's some fun irony for you. We did that last night too! Nuggets and frosty! :)

imemary said...

Love you too!

Barbaloot said...

Sounds like a great day:) You even got to pass through my place of birth, Price. What could be better?

* said...

Tennyson gets cuter by the day.
Sounds like you've been a busy lady.

Samantha said...

What an adorable photo!! Awww!

Anonymous said...

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