Thursday, February 10, 2011

campaign mom

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So, I have wanted to launch this little idea for awhile now...
but it has been nuts in here.

I finally had the pajama day from heaven...
just the right amount of free time needed {due to awesome nappers...}
to pull it all together.
I hope that you will join me and share your stories.
We really aren't crazy for loving motherhood - right?
We don't totally have to sugar coat and lie because it really stinks...right?
So let's revel in it, shall we?

Yes and yes.

Go read about campaign mom.
And go check out this post.
And at the bottom of that post, {same as "this post"}
totally link up so we can read a story
about why YOU love being a mom too, mmmkay?


{P.s. do it, yay!}


Barbaloot said...

Sounds like a fun idea. Being as I'm not yet a mother I won't be posting...but good luck!

the Lola Letters said...

Poop, Barb.
You should still link up based on the fact that your blog is ridiculously awesome...

I'm just sayin.


Nisa said...

Very cool! You are brilliant!

likeschocolate said...

He is so dang cute. He looks just like you and wow those eyes!

Laura said...

I clicked on your bloggy button at the right...the campaign mom one...and it takes me to the housewife on fire blog that she hasn't posted in over two years and it is totally not you or your cute housewife on fire blog...did I do something wrong??

Marivan said...

Passando para fazer uma visita e ser um seguidor do seu blog.
Gostaria de ser seu amigo.
Pode acompanhar as minhas notícias e se tornar membro do meu blog no:

Qualquer coisa estamos por aí.

Anonymous said...

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