Wednesday, January 5, 2011

resolving to make resolutions and such.

I think I am developing a reasonably serious glitter addiction.
{Let's just get that out in the open right now.}
I am also LOVING my holiday tree! Even though it is decidedly "creepy cute," I have decided to make it a permanent fixture round these parts. It's the perfect medium through which we can show some holiday love.

...Valentine's in February, St. Patrick's Day in March, Easter in April, Spring flowers in May, Summer fun in June, Patriotism in July, TONS of family birthdays in August...there's just so much to celebrate!

For January, we are doing a icy/snowy/winter/new year's resolution theme.
I added a hook to this metal cut-out intended for scrapbooking.
And I glittered up some more of my target dollar spot ornaments .
{16 for $1...gotta love le' Target.}
We cut snowflakes out of printer paper and guessed it: covered them in glitter.
And I am loving these sparkly/tinsel/pom-pom ball thingies. {Also from the Target Dollar Spot.}
I just poked a wire hook right through a few of them and, voila! Funky lil' ornaments for our New Year's Tree.
Then I decided to write up some resolutions.
I stole all three of my friend Celeste's resolutions {because she is awesome...and so were her resolutions} and then added a few more of my own. I don't like "hard, fast" resolutions so much as I like to try to achieve attainable standards of living...which, honestly, are hard enough as is...
I am going to do so good at this one... you have no idea ;)
Isn't Celeste so smart? I totally do this! But, no more.
Today is a new day. A better me is all I'm going for.
Things are going by too quickly.
My boys are growing way too fast.
I have GOT to leave myself ample time to
smell their freshly washed hair,
read hundreds, no, thousands of books in the rocking chair,
kiss toes, and giggle in bed.
I only get one chance to fully savor this beautiful period of motherhood.
You know the one.
It's the best one.
The one that comes complete with
regularly sucking rocks and Kinex
up into the vacuum cleaner,
digging dead Hermit Crabs out of the "Crabitat ,"
and rocking the "spit-up-y shoulder look" 24/7.

{Thanks Grandpa.}
This was a BIG one for him.
And it should be a big one for everyone.
He was the best "him" he could be...
and his life ended up being epic. {IMHO}
That statement is so simple, and so true,
but sometimes really easy to lose sight of.
I am a passionate "non-dieter." I believe that dieting or food deprivation of any kind leads to feelings of resentment and deprivation and eventually results in binge-eating followed by more crash dieting, followed by more binge-eating, follwed by a heavy dose a self hatred for having no self control, remedied by another big dose of crash dieting, which creates those deprived feelings again and...well, you get the picture. The ONLY answer is to decide, once and for all, that you can have whatever {and as much as} you want, whenever you want it. And then listen to your body's natural cues to recognize fullness and hunger. Easier said than done, but it HAS done wonders. And on days when I really want sugar. I'm going to eat it. But most other days, I'm going to go ahead and do other things that make me happy.
And by this, I don't mean: cars, private jet, clothes, and the like. No. I don't worry about caring about those things too much...cause, I kinda don't! ha ha! {Have you seen my ride?} I mean, nice things are nice, and I like them, but I don't obsess. No.

What I AM talking about is control. And letting go. Take cookie decorating or crafting of any kind, for example. When Kort is doing something, I want to make him do it my way. Or I at least want him to try to make it "really nice." Nice by my standards, not his. This is so not cool. And how is that fun in ANY way, really? But at least I can recognize that it's lame. So the goal is to loosen up and let him do his thing. Even if it's messy and even if it's nothing like what I had originally intended it to be. Art is NOTHING if not fun, relaxing, and messy, right? Right.
Like my relationship to my husband {which is actually so great, that it's easy to put on the back-burner while dousing actual fires in the homestead, but that doesn't mean that I should} or my relationship to my God {which, honestly, can always be closer, clearer, and more involved. always.} or my relationship to my boys {which is ever growing, ever-changing, and entirely irreplaceable if I don't utilize the gift of time that I have been given to spend with them.}
After writing out my resolutions, I rolled them into little scrolls and tied them with some cute ribbon that makes me happy. Then I slipped them onto hooks and hung them on our "New Year's Tree" so that I will be reminded of those goals whenever I look at it.

I'm going to have Kort write a few of his when he gets home from school. I would be very interested to know what his goals and dreams are.

The dreams of a seven year old... can't wait to find out what those might entail.
I hope they are epic ;)
{Because that will mean I'm at least doing something right!}


Janine said...

What great resolutions for every year! Shew!!! So love this post today. I think I am going to write them out too! I also love your idea of a "celebrate tree"! Fills your home with the most wonderful reminders!

carly said...

Love this is inspiring!

Charisma Moran said...

I love your tree! I also love your resolution ideas!

Tezzie said... are awesome. I looove your seasonal tree, and those sparkly blue balls are fabulous!!!

Here's a bit of blog love for you, if you'd like to pick it up :D

Visual Notes said...

Cute...your tree looks a bit like our Eid tree...Good resolutions, I'm sure it won't be hard right?

Brooke said...

Hi (waving like a crazy person)!!!!

I am Kirsten Wright's cousin Brooke from that mother retreat forever ago? Just found your cute bloggie again and I must say, I am completely loving these resolutions. I wanna print them up BIG and hang 'em on my wall! Thanks for sharing them!

Lydia said...

Love the tree and your resolutions!

the Lola Letters said...

Brookie Wookie!
I know who you are!
I am glad you like them. You can thanks Celeste for MOST of 'em. She is one smart cookie, that one.