Thursday, January 6, 2011

30 days of truth

{Prolly not gonna top this picture. Just prolly not ever gonna happen. I've accepted it.}

I saw this idea {the idea for 30 days of truth, and not the idea of capturing a full blown baby barf mid-stream with my mad photog skills} on another blogger's page, and I sort of liked it. I am going to give it a shot. This particular blogger has decided that she is going to do one "day of truth" every Monday. Now, I am by no means awesome at math...but I crunched some numbers {Einstein, eat my dust} and realized that it would take me 30 weeks to finish this project if I did it once a week.

So, whilst I think this is a cool idea, I am not down with dedicating the next 30 weeks to it. Therefore, it shall be as it says in the title. 30 Days of truth. I will probably run out of ridiculously awesome pictures to start each post with...but I hope you will continue to visit anyway. I am going to answer as many of these in "list form" as possible. {Disclaimer: I may get bored, or see something shiny...wander off... and quit this half-way through. That's sometimes how I roll.}

Without further ado...

Day 1: Something you dislike about yourself.

Um, kay, so... my better judgment tells me that this may be a counter-productive list to form... but hey, it's always a fun lil' train wreck to behold when I decide to throw "better judgment" to the let's get on with it, shall we?

1. That I'm spacey. I will miss meetings, parties, and lunch dates by entire2 and 3 day periods and I won't even realize that I missed them until I see an invite or get a phone call. It's embarrassing and comes off super flaky and I can't stand flakes, so it means that a lot of times I can't stand myself.
2. That I care about what other people think. I know that most of us do, but I wish that all of us didn't. I mean, it's good to live respectfully, and to be a decent, civil member of your community, and take showers, and wear clothing, and all that... I'm talking more about caring if your friends think you talk to much {which, I do} or that your jewelry is too big {it always is.}
3. That I snap at Kortland sometimes. And then he looks at me like a whipped puppy and I immediately want to kick myself in the face, and I rue the day that I stopped stretching out and practicing my drill team high kicks because now there is no way that I am flexible enough to give my face the kick that I so desperately want to give to it.
4. That I can be so oblivious to the feelings of others. I'm pretty tough, {if I do say so myself...} and there is very little that actually bothers me at the end of the day, so I make the {very large} mistake of assuming that everyone else operates the same way I do. And I don't think I say and do hurtful things so much as I am completely oblivious to the suffering of others in times when there was something I could have done to lighten their burden.

There are a lot of others, but I think this gets us off to a great {and by great, I mean depressing} start!


Celeste said...

ohhh I wanna play!

Tezzie said...

:D fun that you're doing the 30 Days of Truth! I've been hacking away at it for a while now, and have managed to get myself to 23's the music/playlist ones that tend to stump me, since I'm still caught in the 80ies and haven't actually listened to the tunes since then either ;D Best of luck with your project...will follow it with interest!

VolleyMom said...

Ok, so I threw out the 30 days and decided to do it all right now. And now I am depressed so I am gonna go eat some ice cream while I watch "Biggest Loser". Thanks. I quit!!!