Friday, January 7, 2011

30 days of truth {day 2}

{What would I give to be inside Bella's head at times like these?}

Day 2 Something you love about yourself.

Can we just do day one again and add some things instead?
Fine then.

I love that I have made, and accumulated ridiculously awesome friends throughout my life. I don't know how I did it... or why they've stuck around, but I am so, SO glad to have them in my life. I really like that about me.

I love that I was smart enough to marry kyle. That was so smart of me. Best decision I ever made.

I love that I make beautiful babies. {At least, I think they're stinkin' beautiful...that's my job, you know, as their mom.} Okay, and the hubs helped too, but I'm gonna go ahead and take most of the credit anyway. {Not a very lovable thing to do, but I'm trying to balance things out. It's getting weird up in here.}

I love that my hubs has taught me to be able to say "I was wrong." and "Man, I'm sorry 'bout that!" and "My bad." He taught this NOT through self-righteousness or guilt, but through unconditional love and his own personal example of humility. {He is really going to hate that I'm writing this... insert evil laugh here. My blog. I can brag on him all I want. So there.} Love that.

This is not nearly as fun as confessing all of the negative stuff.
And tomorrow gets kind of deep.
What have I gotten myself into?

Did you do a day of truth today?
DO leave a link so that we might come over and see what's wrong with you, and what's lovable about you, and such.


Barbaloot said...

I love that the things you love are the people you surround yourself with. Very impressive.

No link for me, but I'll tell you that I love the color of my eyes:)

ms. marginalia said...

I think you and your husband sound perfect for each other. It's wonderful how partners help us to notice things about ourselves we'd like to change sometimes.

And your kids are stinking cute.

I have been enjoying your challenge look for the truth, and then say it.