Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dear Lola,

The next time your sissie-in-laws want to go out to sushi, you should definitely pencil them in.

Even if you're tired.
Even if your house is a mess and you really should stay home and tidy up.
Even if you have others plans, whatever those plans may be...

Because, honestly?

Nothing beats potstickers and edamame .

And nothing beats stuffing all sorts of spicy sushi in your face until you're certain the hostess is going to have to remove you with a shoe horn and roll you to your car at the end of the night.

And nothing beats laughing until you cry.

And nothing beats banana tempura with ice cream, caramel sauce, whipped cream, and crumbled up chocolate chip cookies.

And nothing beats laughing some more (yes, until you cry).

And nothing beats not being done talking, but the restaurant is closing, so you go get into Cristi's freezing car and visit for another 45 minutes.

And nothing beats seeing that there is a couple totally "getting it on" in the VERY reclined front seat of the car parked next to you.

And nothing beats laughing and double dog daring each other to get out, walk up to the car, make the ugliest face we have in our repertoire, and press said face against their car window.

And nothing beats laughing even harder and making up "really good" excuses for why we totally can't do that. Excuses such as we don't want to see a stray boob... or weeanan (as Jack calls it) and the like.

(In our defense, we were high on sushi and it was now the middle of the night. Can you say delirious?)

And nothing beats having Cristi suddenly back out of her spot, angle the headlights directly into the maker-outers' car, flip on her brights, and sit there.

And sit there...

And sit there... While we laugh our heads off and say, "Okay, GO now!"..."Seriously - GO!"

And nothing beats seeing some random dude poke his head up like "What the --?" And then having Cristi start flashing her brights off and on, off and on, off and on, and thinking "I have the funnest, CRAZIEST, funniest sis-in-laws EVER."

Like, e.v.e.r.

It was like we were thirteen...but allowed to drive and stay out till midnight.