Friday, December 31, 2010

Ask Lola

*Sorry, I am trying to keep up with these but have been slacking off. I'm gonna knock off a few really quick. And just for the record {if you read yesterday's post about me loving sick days} I only love sick days when it means that I get to snuggle my adorable little boys all day. I DO NOT love sick days when it means that I am up all night heaving my guts into the toilet while also nursing the baybuh in two hour increments. Yeeowzas. Pray for me.*

You are sooo pretty! Do you have any good makeup tips?

I'm not "sooo pretty" so much as I am "suuuuuper tricky." I am assuming you are referring to the me you see in pictures here on this blog, so my first tip would be:

Wear three times as much make up for photo sessions as you would normally wear in real life and wear fake eyelashes.


At least, that's what I do...and it works wonders. With the flash or the sun and the distance between you and the lens, you will basically come out just looking like your normal self.

In regular life, here are my tips:
1. Bare minerals make up. LOVE it.
2. Wear blush. I spent the better part of my teenage years and even the early part of my twenties raging against the use of blush...and I look like a round-faced ghost in every photo taken of me from 1994 to 2002. Blush {when applied well} is your friend. Possibly one of your very best friends. Trust me.
3. Wear color on your lips, but not too heavy. The lighter the color, the fuller your lips appear to be. {Don't go all mod-pale-frosted-runway-model-creepy though, that's just lame.} I LOVE those green tubes of tinted minty lip gloss from bath and body works in the mall. They are all I ever wear anymore. You can totally wear their really red hues because they are still just a light gloss and they make your lips look natural and effortless. {plus your breath smells awesome all the time - bonus! You should still brush your teeth from time to time though...maybe...just sayin' ;) }

Do you have any recommendation for what to do with 2 and 3 yr old boys who have a fascination with dumping everything out (Food, soap, water)? I have tried different punishments, and they won't stop. I am locking everything, but they aren't getting it!!

When in doubt, spank.

Okay, kidding.
{Seriously, don't spank. Spanking ='s pointless with a lil' dash of hypocrite thrown in for good measure.}

But, if I am being honest, I don't think I ever solved that one with Kort! He was nutso at 2 & 3...I'm pretty sure I just survived until he outgrew it! Wish I could be more help!

Where did you get the yellow shoes you are wearing in your lovely new header pics? I have been looking for them all my life.

Good news? I found them at Target for like, $19.99.

Bad News? That was like, 2 years ago and they probably don't have them anymore.

Good news? I never ever wear them, and would be happy to send them your way. {email me at ...seriously. Do it. For reals. And I will send them to you. For reals.}

Good or bad news? They are size 8...and if you aren't a size 7 1/2 or 8...they probably wouldn't work for you. {But I really hope you are a size 7 1/2 or 8}.

How did you choose a midwife? Are they at a birthing center, do they work at the hospital?

I went to the midwives at Mt. Timpanogas Women's Health in American Fork. They deliver at the American Fork Hospital and the Timpanogas Hospital. This midwifery practice delivered both of my boys and I really like them.

If I'm being honest, we had a little glitch this time around where I knew something was going wrong at the tail end of my pregnancy, and none of them would freaking listen to me. {not so long as I asked nicely, anyway.} Finally, I woke up one morning with a much tinier stomach than I'd had the night before {was losing all of my fluid, but my water hadn't broken} so I called the midwife "on call" and told her that they were going to be in big trouble if I delivered a still born baby when I had told them {roughly 15 times} that SOMETHING WAS WRONG~!!! After that, she listened, ordered tests, all of which confirmed my suspicions that Tentens was in serious distress, and a few hours later, I was at the hospital delivering my baby.

Would I go back to them for baby number three?

Yes. BUT we are going to have a little chat right at the beginning about being better listeners. If they don't agree to induce me if I say I need to be induced, that's a deal breaker. I know a LOT of doctors who would be happy to accommodate me. And frankly, I have had scary medical complications with both boys at the tail end of their pregnancies. I have never gone into labor naturally, and don't know if my body even will. {Tennyson was 41 weeks when he went into major distress, and my body wasn't even kinda doing the labor thing, my body and I have some trust issues to work out. Luckily, my mother's intuition seems to be SPOT ON to balance things out a little.}

In their defense, the AF Hospital was completely packed and NO ONE was allowed to do an elective induction... so they were a little wary of me and trying not to get into trouble with the hospital. The problem was, I was having legitimate medical complications. There was nothing "elective" about either of my inductions. So...there it is. They really are awesome, I think I just had really bad timing in that I decided to get pregnant with the same due date (or due "week") as 40% of the pregnant women in the Utah Valley.

One thing that gives some people pause is that you don't really have a say in who will deliver your baby. You get whoever is on call, and there are 6 or 7 midwives in the practice. The good news is, all of them are pretty awesome, and I ADORED both of the midwives who delivered my boys.

Please share your hypnobirth experience! I would love to try it when I have a baby. The more details, the better=)

I really, really, REALLY will... soon. I still want to write all about Tennyson's birth. And I don't what is holding me back. It's just not...time yet. I feel like I have some sort of birth story writer's block going on. I promise to do it soon.

Do you have questions?
Do you want to weigh in on something that has been answered here today?
Do it!

I am all ears, and have just recently taken a vow to not needlessly bite other people's heads off, so, you are SO golden.

Do you know how to get little boys to stop dumping out/getting into EVERYTHING? I am all ears for that one, too!


sostinkinhappy said...

Oh man. Midwives, hypnobirthing, and the same shower curtain?

We are kindred spirits, Lola, kindred spirits.


(BTW, I delivered Captain Knuckle at AF hospital way back in the '90s. Happened to be on the same day every woman in Utah was having a baby. It was so crowded they ran out of bassinets for the newborns and - no joke - were putting babies in those fold up banker boxes from an office supply store. Seems like times haven't changed all that much...)

Jen said...

K, for reals I'll take those shoes off your hands if the other gal is a different size! I have them in teal and love them!!!

Holy mother of pearl!!! I'm sorry you are so sick!! Can I do anything?? Let me know!

(and yes, I'm that Jen, my iPod just hates blogger and I can rarely log in without issue!)

Jen Adair said...

I love you ask lola posts, they are so fun to read!

Jen @ Opal Never Shouts